Envera Systems Achieves Consistency in Operations with Verint Workforce Management Professional

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  • Increased real-time adherence by 10%.

  • Reduced staffing levels by more than 25%.


Envera Systems is a leader in technology-based solutions that delivers efficient and affordable security systems to protect gates, entrances, and amenities. The company was founded in 2007 and secures thousands of assets protecting communities. In the beginning, Envera Systems relied on spreadsheets for forecasting and scheduling, which was not optimal as its contact center employs hundreds of agents, operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and handles thousands of transactions per day across multiple channels. The director of customer care and his team decided to explore workforce management solutions to achieve greater visibility into their business and accomplish the customer service goals they had set.

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After evaluating over 20 solutions, Envera Systems selected Verint Workforce Management Professional, primarily because of the user-friendly interface. As the director of customer care explained, “Many vendors offer bells and whistles, but their interface is rough. We needed something easy to use as our workforce management team had no previous experience with a software solution.” The solution was quick to implement. It only took a few months for Envera Systems to get up and running.


Once the solution was implemented, Envera Systems started to see the benefits from Verint Workforce Management Professional. The first improvement was in service levels. Envera Systems measured service levels in a unique way and had established its own set of standards. The more the company used Verint Workforce Management Professional, the better its data looked. Service goals were hit consistently, and the company was also able to track real-time adherence, which improved by more than 10 percent.

Over time, Envera Systems was able to reduce its staffing levels by more than 25 percent with Verint Workforce Management Professional. Through the years, achieving consistency in operations has enabled Envera Systems to save significant time and money.

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