Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector – How Verint Community Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

Jon Allen March 9, 2022

Customer feedback. The very words can conjure up thoughts of complaints, negative incidents and public visibility of the slightest shortcoming in your brand’s product or customer service. But customer feedback is a two-way street, and when approached proactively, can be used to your business’ advantage. 

For digital transformation in the retail sector to occur (or any positive transformation for that matter), customer feedback should be taken seriously. Verint Community, our online community platform, has a range of features, included right out-of-the-box, that allow retail businesses to turn the usually self-reflecting mirror around towards their customer base, and gather insights on what can help drive the business forward, based on real-world demands. 

Taking this proactive route can also pre-empt and mitigate any negative feedback by promoting a transparent environment. In other words, when you actively seek out researching and improving your customers’ needs and concerns, you signal that you value their feedback and that you are open to receive and respond to it- whether that feedback is positive or negative. This approach makes the interactions with your brand, within your own community, more meaningful and more productive than the less transparent, often complaint-laden, public social media channels. 

Read on for a rundown of how Verint Community can transform businesses in the retail sector. 

Verint Community Features 

Verint Community is a social community platform that uses interactive tools, such as question and answer forums, discussion forums, blogs, file/media galleries, gamification and much more, to help organizations improve productivity, increase transparency and reduce support costs by achieving digital maturity. 

As a result of implementing a social platform of this nature, more often than not, customer satisfaction increases and the business is able to more efficiently move towards its goals, something which is paramount for a retail-type business that must move ahead towards targets with minimal setbacks. 

How Verint Community has facilitated digital transformation in the retail sector 

By integrating Verint Community, Titleist transformed its digital platform into a space for members to access ‘behind-the-scenes’ content, share golf tips and product feedback openly. The Team Titleist Community is an engaging experience as unique as the Titleist brand itself. Before implementing Verint Community, Titleist had to rely on either indirect feedback received from retail stores and re-sellers (not detailed enough nor scalable) or direct feedback from public social media channels (not always action oriented nor friendly). 

As a result, Titleist’s online membership grew by 500 percent in the first year alone. 

This approach has enabled Titleist to add value for its community members, putting themselves in their customers’ shoes and providing the best possible experience digitally. Beyond this, Titleist experienced a change in customer buying habits and shopping trends. One example was the amount of time people were spending in the ‘research phase’, pre-purchase. This meant that buyers were spending time online finding out more information about the products before they made a decision. This analysis led to significant insights for Titleist, and with a capable digital platform now integrated, they were able to take action to capitalize on their customers’ new emerging behavior. 

So, what did they do? With newfound intelligence on buying patterns, Titleist were able to implement features such as blogs with detailed product information, forums for online customer discussion areas and product reviews, which were all integrated so potential customers could access a combined view on products, providing them with the key information they needed to make their purchase. 

Read our Titleist case study here 

What’s your strategy? Three easy ways to quickly reach your goals 

As covered earlier, in retail, increasing customer satisfaction goes a long way to improving your overall service and subsequently, revenue. By implementing Verint Community, retail businesses can take advantage of the many dynamic, out-of-the-box features, such as question and answer forums, discussion forums, blogs, file/media galleries, gamification  and more. 

Here are three quick ways your retail business can utilize Verint Community to excel in the digital sphere. 

Firstly, offer up a platform to your audience, put the emphasis on letting them have their say. You can quickly deploy a question and answer forum or a discussion forum to get the conversations going. After all, it’s that two-way interaction that really makes your customers feel valued and included in your overall brand experience, and when 73% of buyers find a positive customer experience an important factor in purchasing decisions, it’s almost impossible to ignore or discount the value of engaging your audience right away. 

By integrating direct messaging live chat to your website, you can experience the synergistic effect of both providing a platform for your customers and prospects to engage with you on, as well as increasing economic efficiency by reducing support costs. This cost-cutting effect comes from the ability to use live chat as a means of support, instead of employing an entire customer service team, which requires significant financial overheads. 

Try deploying a blog on your website through Verint Community’s rich blogging platform, which not only allows members to have their say in selected and moderated guest posts, but it can also become a dedicated platform for your own employees to share their expertise in specialist, authoritative features and articles. 

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