Customer Experience Quality: Measuring Effectiveness, Ease and Emotion

Brian KomaOctober 24, 2016

Effectiveness, ease and emotion are three key benchmarks to measuring the quality of your customer experience program.

The latter is an especially powerful indicator of customer loyalty, not to mention a key trigger that allows for immediate action.

Knowing a customer is unhappy immediately after an interaction provides a “moment of truth” in the customer journey—a moment in which your response can impact and potentially change emotions, outcomes and satisfaction.

At Verint, we’re focused on helping organizations better engage with customers in ways that most resonate with customers.

What we’ve found is this: Customers will provide feedback if you make it relevant, contextual and in the moment. This may be as simple as providing post-transactional IVR or SMS surveys and can extend to using real-time speech analytics that measure emotions, so your agents have the insights they need to respond effectively during interactions.

For digital transactions, a better customer feedback experience may be to add interaction feedback directly within your branded mobile app without the need to send customers to a secondary mobile app or launch a browser-driven survey.