How to Achieve Integrated CX from On-Location and Digital Feedback

Many organizations rely on surveys to measure customer experience (CX), but that’s no longer the most effective way to get a complete view of your CX – especially as some consumers prefer and are choosing to return to on-site locations, while many consumers have adopted and are now embracing a digital-first model.

Watch this webinar to learn the three steps to take to move beyond surveys and connect departments for a holistic view of your CX:

  1. Realize the Limitations of Survey Data
  2. Create More Collaboration Between Your On-site, Digital and Contact Center Teams
  3. Adopt the Latest Data Technology to Integrate, Analyze and Trend CX Insights for Future Success

Watch the webinar now to get started.


Kyle Kovacs headshot

Kyle Kovacs
Manager, XM Solution Consulting, Verint

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