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You need each of your agents to perform like your very best agents. With Verint Coaching Bots your agents receive in-the-moment non-disruptive guidance when they need it — elevating their performance and delivering significant ROI.

Drive AI business outcomes with improved agent performance

Real-time assistance for agents is more critical now than before, as organizations seek to do more with less.

Verint Coaching Bots provide the assistance your agents need, in real-time and based on your business priorities, so you can:

  • Reduce call duration
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Increase customer retention
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Rapid and significant ROI

By delivering focused guidance to an agent who may be struggling, organizations like yours have seen significant results including:

  • 20 second reduction in call duration per transaction
  • 10% improvement in sales conversion
  • 10% improvement in retaining at-risk customers
  • 100% adherence with compliance standards
  • 20% improvement in CSAT/NPS

Brands like yours can get started with the Coaching Bots in just 30 days and start seeing results right away. So why wait?

How Verint Coaching Bots work

Verint Coaching Bots listen to conversations in real-time and use AI to notify and assist employees and supervisors about ways to handle a call more effectively. The Coaching Bots are trained on your specific interaction and agent data in the Verint Data Hub, so they get smarter and more effective over time.

Assistance is only provided to the agents that need it, and guidance is not disruptive to the agents’ work.

Increase CX Automation with Verint Bots
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Proven results

Let’s take a look at the ROI of a 1,000 agent contact center using the Coaching Bots. This company chose 500 agents to receive assistance from the bot and realized the following benefits:

  • $1.2 M in savings by reducing AHT by 20 seconds
  • $2.5 M in increased revenue from 100 additional sales conversions per agent
  • $3.7 M in total annual savings — 15x ROI

What would results like these mean for your organization?

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Happier and more confident agents are better agents

The Coaching Bots deliver the support agents want and need in real-time — without disruption. It’s designed to only guide the agents who need it — helping to elevate agent performance in your specifically targeted areas.

See what happens when every one of your agents is performing at the top of their game and delivering results in terms of improved CX, compliance, and increased revenue.

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Easy to deploy. Easy to get started.

Why not try it for yourself? Here’s how easy it is to get started and be up and running in 30 days with no operational disruption:

  • Start with one coaching area – easy to add more over time
  • Identify agents who need assistance for each coaching area
  • Embed a coaching side-bar to your existing agent desktop
  • Flexible per agent or usage-based pricing

Discover how our Bots deliver AI Business Outcomes, so every agent performs like your best agents.

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