Verint Integration Studio

Catalog of Application Connectors

Quickly and easily connect the power of the Verint Open Platform with your third-party applications.

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Easily connect with the Verint Open Platform

Verint Integration Studio enables you to seamlessly connect the Verint Platform to the applications you are already using for CRM, HR, customer support, and back-office support, such as: 

  • Salesforce 
  • Microsoft 
  • Workday 
  • ServiceNow 

This means all the applications in your contact center and CX operations can mutually benefit from enriching information, synchronizing data, and automating processes across the disparate systems.  Making these connections increases operational efficiency and your ROI in these systems. 

Catalog of application connectors 

Verint Integration Studio features more than 500 application connectors across 300 vendors – including some of the most-used CRM, HR and back-office applications. The catalog of connectors provides users: 

  • A simplified way to connect to cloud systems and data sources.  
  • A range of actions, methods, and functionality when building integrations. 
  • On-going new and enhanced connectors to support the growing landscape of cloud systems. 
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Low-code/pro-code integration environment

Verint Integration Studio features a visual, low-code environment where users can quickly and easily develop integrations between Verint and third-party applications in order to: 

  • Develop integrations to Verint across the spectrum of applications in their ecosystem 
  • Create simple-to-complex integrations and easily modify them as business needs evolve 
  • Accelerate integration delivery with reduced effort and expense 


Easy deployment and monitoring

Verint Integration Studio makes it easy to deploy, monitor, and manage integrations. 

  • Quickly deploy integrations and realize a faster time to value. 
  • Deliver integrations from a secure SOC2 and PCI compliant cloud. 
  • Centralized visibility into integration status and performance. 

Verint Open Platform delivers real ROI through integrations

Verint Open Platform brings Verint’s AI-powered bots into your operations to deliver specific business outcomes while also working collaboratively with the applications and systems you already have in place. As part of the Open Platform, Verint Integration Studio enables you to connect all the applications in your CX ecosystem to seamlessly work together.  

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