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FORECAST 2022: Voice Surveillance Deep Dive

Information taken from the Voice Surveillance Deep Dive – a 1LoD event.

Increasingly complex regulations around the world are raising the bar for surveillance professionals. Industry experts gathered in London at Voice Surveillance Deep Dive in 2022 to discuss the latest developments in voice surveillance, including regulatory enforcement, the integration of voice with e-comms and trade, and a range of other technology issues. The biggest challenges they found are:

  • Retention of all business-related communications with clients and between colleagues across all platforms and modalities, so that they can be submitted to regulators upon request
  • Proper implementation and demonstration of policies in place
  • A culture of compliance, across any given organization, that goes beyond the responsibilities and power of the compliance department

These challenges aren’t new, but the extent to which compliance with the rules is expected is unprecedented; and the size of the penalties for non-compliance are severe.  Therefore, surveillance professionals are putting the emphasis back on capture and archiving.

In this forecast, you can learn more about:

  • Retention of voice and other required communications
  • The need for provable policy implementation
  • Communications surveillance efforts of banks
  • Vendor integration issues
  • Random sampling in an effective voice surveillance process
  • Machine learning in core voice processes

Download this forecast to read the full summary of the 2022 Voice Surveillance Deep Dive.

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