The Next Generation of Quality Programs—Delivering More Impact with Less Effort!

Customer Behavior Has Changed. Are you ready?

As customers turn to digital channels and the numbers of interactions rise, keeping on top of service quality, as well as compliance with increasingly stringent regulations, becomes more difficult. At the same time, the gap between what your quality and compliance program can achieve and the risks to your business and reputation gets bigger.

Many organizations review less than 3% of agent conversations — and often none that happen in their bot and digital channels. A total quality program — supported by automation and AI—can help you avoid unacceptable service standards and hefty fines and penalties.

Tricia Manning joins us in this webinar where she discusses:
  • why contact center quality monitoring programs are more critical than ever and
  • how automation can deliver big wins for your business — improving quality processes, compliance adherence, agent coaching, and
  • the customer experience

Watch the webinar now to discover the power of a total quality program.


Tricia Manning

Tricia Manning, Director, Go-to-Market Strategy | Quality & Compliance, Verint
Tricia Manning joined the Verint team in 2021, bringing over 20 years of experience in technology and marketing leadership. In her current role, Tricia is responsible for driving go-to-market strategies for the Verint Quality and Compliance portfolio.

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