The Engagement Data Hub: What is it and why do you need it?

Did you know that 90% of organizations have difficulty pulling together customer engagement data which affects their ability to carry out analysis and drive insights?

With an explosion of new digital communication channels, you’re interacting with customers more than ever before, in new places and more ways. Data collected from these interactions and feedback can be hugely valuable to the success of your business. But too often it is locked away in silos of incompatible data.

The Verint® Engagement Data Hub™ addresses this by consolidating customer engagement data in a cohesive format, unleashing its full power, simplifying analysis and elevating data management and compliance.

Watch this webinar to understand why breaking down data silos is critical for the future of your business and how to leverage the Verint Engagement Data Hub to transform your view of customer engagement.


Dave Singer

Dave Singer
Vice President, Go-To-Market Strategy, Verint

David is responsible for driving the GTM strategy for Verint’s industry leading solutions including Experience Management, Workforce Management, Quality Management, Performance Management, and Engagement Data Management. The strategy is based on developing innovative messaging and offerings, both partner and direct, that drive customer centric differentiation and align value with customer needs and expectations.

Matthew Monahan

Matthew Monahan
Senior Director, Product Management, Verint

Matthew is responsible for driving product strategy around the use of engagement data. In this role, Matthew helps Verint’s customers close the Engagement Capacity Gap™ by streamlining access to data for both analytics and machine-learning use cases. Matthew joined Verint in early 2022 from a private software company, where he led product management for the company’s data platform and launched several new data catalog and data governance capabilities.

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