Mind the gap – solving the CX Cost Equation

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Customer interactions are at an all-time high, whilst budgets are stagnant or shrinking – widening the Engagement Capacity Gap (ECG). In these conditions, is it possible to meet CX targets and deliver a superior customer experience in 2023 and beyond?

In Verint’s third comprehensive Engagement Capacity Gap (ECG) research report, we highlight how to tackle this precise challenge and offer key strategies to help you successfully solve the CX cost equation.

The Verint EMEA team introduces our international guest speakers – Maribel Lopez and Kelly Koelliker. Together we explore the ECG research findings and key recommendations, including:

  • The CX challenges that are top of mind for organisations in 2023
  • The differences between organisations who are struggling to close the ECG and those who have successfully conquered it
  • Steps you can take to get to the next step in your customer experience journey, regardless of where you are today.

Don’t miss this insightful fireside chat complete with real data from real organisations. Plus, stay tuned for your opportunity to download the full ECG 2023 research report.


Maribel Lopez
Founder and Principal Analyst, Lopez Research   

Research is a market research and strategy consulting firm covering topics that range from Artificial Intelligence to hybrid work transformation. Her clients range from start-ups to the Fortune 30. Maribel is frequently quoted by major media publications and is the author of the John Wiley and Sons book ‘Right-time Experiences’. She’s a contributor to Forbes and host of several podcasts including Reimagine Hybrid Work, AI with Maribel Lopez and Elevate the Edge.

Kelly Koelliker
Senior Director, Content Marketing, Verint 

Kelly Koelliker is a Senior Director of Content Marketing at Verint with a focus on contact centre workforce engagement solutions. With more than 20 years of marketing and sales experience, her expertise in the customer service industry covers such fast-evolving categories as knowledge management, automation, and artificial intelligence.

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