Experience the Difference: The Power of AI for Seamless CX

For years, insurance companies have struggled to close the Engagement Capacity Gap™ (ECG)—the gap between customers’ expectations for service and an organization’s ability to fulfill them. That’s because organizations have been tasked with mutually exclusive goals: improving CX and reducing costs.

With recent innovations in AI-based CX automation, it’s finally possible to have both. The correct use of AI can help your organization reduce costs while improving your ability to understand and respond to customer needs, provide personalized services, and improve customer satisfaction.

The road to progress, though, is paved with challenges: Regulation, employee buy-in, data structuring, and more stand in the way of harnessing the full power of AI.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover how to revolutionize your CX with a clear strategy focused on communication and flexibility. And you’ll learn how—with AI supporting your team—to become the provider your customers truly need.

  • AI and CX Automation: Explore what AI can do for your customer journey, from transforming claims processing to reducing wait times while enabling live service for complex issues.
  • Tackle Data and Perception for Successful Implementation: Innovation requires a strong foundation. Learn what steps you need to take to be ready to bring AI onboard and how to ensure its ongoing success through education and training.
  • Prioritize Where the Customer Will Benefit: AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution: Focus on the greatest pain points and consider where AI will make the most significant impact for your customers’ individual needs before introducing it.

Watch now on-demand to hear these key insights from CX experts.


Raj Balasundaram , Vice President, Verint

Raj Balasundaram , Vice President, Verint

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