Engage Customers and Create an Impactful CX Program Across the Enterprise

How are you using customer insights to improve the customer experience and create an integrated CX program?

Webinar Date: Thursday, December 8 | Time: 12:00 pm, ET

As the pressures of a hyper competitive, slowing market increase, CX leaders realize the importance of customer experience as a key differentiator. Today’s customers have greater choice than ever before, armed with more information, and a multitude of channels to interact with a brand. When the power is in the customer’s court, CX leaders are challenged to adapt to changing customer preferences and create impactful CX strategies.

It’s why measuring, managing, and acting on experience is incredibly critical. Tools like real-time listening, analytics, and complex customer journey management are critical drivers in identifying and acting upon customer insights. But even more important is the ability to extract insights across the enterprise – the contact center, digital channels, in-location, and more – to align CX strategy across teams, and truly create a strategic CX roadmap.

Join Verint and a select group of fellow CX executives on December 8th at 12 pm ET, as we discuss how businesses can knock down internal siloes, align teams, gain stakeholder buy-in, and better inform their customer experience strategy with experience management solutions. On this Verint-hosted roundtable, we will discuss:

  • How do you cut costs but also justify investment in CX programs?
  • Who truly owns the CX strategy at an organization and how is it shifting in this market?
  • How can you strengthen digital transformation efforts and gain stakeholder support?
  • What channels should CX leaders focus on?
  • How can you continue to build trust and loyalty to stay differentiated in the market?

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Samantha McDougall


Samantha McDougall, Verint
Vice President, Customer Analytics


aditi headshot


Aditi Mehta, Verint
Director, Product Marketing

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