Donna Fluss DMG eBook , “Contact Centers in a Post COVID-19 World”​

DMG Report: Contact Centers in a Post-Pandemic World

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As we approach the 12-month mark where the world experienced both an acceleration and a halt simultaneously in light of the global pandemic, we look back and see how far companies have come and how they have demonstrated agility and flexibility in order to keep their business operating in a safe manner. Migrating the workforce to a virtual world was a major hurdle to overcome—one that challenged and required companies to think in a new way, but that is not where it ended. Companies needed to think about how they could implement business continuity (BC) plans in the face of uncertainty.

In this DMG report, you will gain some insights into the impacts that many companies and our economy will face as we continue in the global pandemic and beyond. This Report seeks “to provide strategic and tactical guidance to contact center and customer service departments around the globe for operating in a post-pandemic business world. Throughout this Report, DMG has provided recommendations and suggested practices to deal with the challenges and opportunities created by the pandemic, which we expect to impact the world for much of the next two years.”

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