Connecting back-office silos with Santander

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When you have millions of customer interactions and lots of employees, connecting the dots across your customer journeys and operations can prove challenging. With a business model focused on the customer and making things the easiest for them, Santander shares how they successfully connected siloes to achieve visibility, control and CX success.

In this insightful discussion, we uncover how Santander harnessed tech and a new business partnership to transform its back-office operation. Hear first-hand from Santander, as they share their wins, hurdles, and top tips. This powerful case study showcases how it is possible to:

  • Harmonise complex back-office systems and processes
  • Overcome local and global geographic barriers
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility of customer outcomes
  • Maintain control through automation to manage unpredictability.
  • Successfully measure your return on investment
  • Drive a culture of evolution.

Whether you’re in financial services or beyond, benefit from this best practice example. Together we’ll show you how it’s possible to break down boundaries and get the most from Operations.


Debbie Thomas    

IT Project Manager, Santander UK

IT Project Manager Debbie has worked alongside Verint for over a decade in her role at Santander UK. Debbie’s team has championed the success of Verint’s Operations Manager at Santander, and is responsible for set-up, administration, and best practice.


Lucy Green    

Quality Assurance and Control Manager, Santander UK

As Quality Assurance and Control Manager at Santander UK, Lucy’s team is responsible for the Quality Framework. This includes the set-up of quality attributes and assignments in Verint’s Operations Manager.


Atif Ashraf    

Contract Manager, Santander UK

Atif is responsible for the oversight and management of Santander’s Genpact service and relationship. Genpact is a Santander business partner.


Vineet Mamodia  

Assistant Vice President, Genpact

A result-oriented professional with 17+ years of experience in BPO and Process Management – 9 Transitions in P2P, R2R for US and UK clients.

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