6 Common Cloud Objections – Myths or Facts?

Are any of these myths keeping you from starting your cloud move?

Verint Customer Engagement Cloud platform powers more than 9 billion cloud customer interactions per year. If you haven’t already started your journey to the cloud, what’s holding you back? Many people are hesitant to transition to the cloud because they believe some incorrect myths about the cloud and the transition process.

In this short video, we’ll review the following 6 common myths and arm you with the facts to give you the confidence to start taking advantage of all the benefits the cloud offers:

  1. We won’t have control of our data anymore
  2. Moving to the cloud makes the IT team redundant
  3. Moving to the cloud is too expensive and complex
  4. The cloud isn’t as secure as our on-prem software
  5. We get the same updates and features with our on-premises solutions as we would if we moved to the cloud
  6. Verint isn’t cloud native

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