Anticipate, Automate and Innovate: Self-to-Assisted Service with Verint Open CCaaS

From the web to live chat, voice to WhatsApp, customers expect an effortless experience regardless of channel. As customer expectations continue to rise and the customer journey becomes more complex, brands are seeking customer engagement solutions that bridge the gap between self and assisted service. Verint Open CCaaS enables brands to create elevated customer experiences by providing a holistic customer journey regardless of the path taken.

Watch this session to learn how the Verint Open CCaaS delivers CX Automation by:

  1. Anticipating customer needs
  2. Automating omnichannel engagement
  3. Providing the necessary tools for delivering CX automation and innovation at scale.

Download now to watch this informative session that provides key insights to create better customer experiences at every interaction.



Heather Richards

Heather Richards, VP GTM Strategy, DFE, Verint

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