5 Tactics to Improve Bank Branch CX

According to a 2022 survey, 12% of consumers say the branch is their preferred channel of choice and 22% of respondents had visited a branch within the last month.* To maximize the value of branch interactions, financial institutions need new ways to ensure an exceptional, in-branch experience.

Watch this 20 minute, on-demand webinar originally presented by the Consumer Bankers Association, to learn five tactics banks and credit unions can use to choreograph their customers’ branch experience to improve CX, drive sales and revenue growth, and build more enduring customer relationships.

Make the most of your branch traffic. Watch the 20-minute webinar now!

*Source: Verint Experience Index: Banking (2022)


Mary Lou Joseph

Mary Lou Joseph
Director, Content Marketing
Workforce Management for Bank Branch and Back-Office Operations

Watch the 20-minute webinar now!

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