Jabra optimizes agent and customer experiences by focusing on sound quality, comfort, speech transcription accuracy, analytics and tone-based sentiment analysis. Deploy headsets confidently with Jabra.

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Why partner with Jabra

Whether you’re running a state-of-the-art contact center, or equipping home-based agents to do their best work, Jabra’s Biz and Engage Series of headsets are durable and comfortable, with outstanding call quality.

In addition, Jabra is focused on sound quality, comfort, speech transcription accuracy and analytics. Awkward silences, unintelligible audio, interruptions, background noise are detractors in a conversation and costs seconds. Jabra’s Engage Series of headsets provides digital noise cancellation and feature telemetry and data points such as: 1) microphone boom position, 2) decibel levels around the agent, 3) headset battery life, 4) wireless headset link errors, and 5) crosstalk/silence/mute. This capability can offer real time notifications, so agents can focus on customers and take action to improve the call experience throughout the call. Leverage these data points for quality management or provide end-to-end visibility for your managed service practice as a channel partner.

Furthermore, Jabra offers Tone Based Sentiment Analysis through a software service called Engage AI. Your agents’ tone can have a big impact on customer satisfaction, how effectively a customer inquiry is solved, and average handling time (AHT). They might be ten minutes away from the end of a long shift, but your customer doesn’t need to know it. The software analyzes customers’ and agents’ tone of voice in real time to understand the sentiments running through both sides of the conversation. Your agents and supervisors gain insight into how the customer is feeling live on the call, helping them better understand how to help in real-time.