We are an experienced community consultancy passionate about helping businesses build thriving communities. 3sides offers community strategy consultancy, training, design and platform implementation services.

Why partner with 3sides

We are an experienced community consultancy, passionate about helping businesses engage with their customers through thriving communities. We strongly believe in the power of digital communities as a customer success instrument and the value it brings to businesses and organisations.

Our engagement and community experts have been building and running communities for over 15 years delivering real business outcomes such as case deflection, churn prevention, lead generation and scaling customer success.

Having built and run communities ourselves, we also know that growing a community can be tough. How do you choose the right technology? How do you get organisational buy-in? Where do you start? How do you make sure you continue growing?

We have a wide range of experience across industries. We have worked with clients on B2B communities, B2C communities, not-for-profit cause communities, developer communities, user communities, communities of practice and partner networks.

3sides offers community strategy consultancy, training, design and platform implementation services.‍We are happy to talk with you about how our expertise can benefit your business.

Verint Marketplace listings

Improve your community’s content structure by asking your authors to tag their content with preconfigured labels. Authors select one or more predefined labels which are relevant to the posts they create. Your community content will have an easily understandable knowledge structure for both your users and group managers.

If your community members generate a large number of ideas, it is important to sort them so that people can easily see and manage the status of the idea. Make your community’s list of ideas easier to read through, more structured, and without duplicates using the Merge Ideas plugin.

Communities often operate globally and not everybody speaks, reads, or writes the same language. A free and practical solution is to integrate the powerful Google Translate engine with your Verint Community. With one click of a button, Google Translate will translate the entire page, including headers and carousels, into the selected language.