Go Further

As you recharge over the summer holidays, don’t let the ever-changing customer experience and engagement landscape interfere with your break, or loom large over your return.

Customer challenges don’t take the summer off – and neither do Verint. Expertly developed from our work with existing clients and shaped by their successes, we’ve created a range of pathways to seamlessly take your organisation to the next level. Read on – or enjoy a one2one discovery call with our expert team.

Whatever your customer or agent challenge, we can help you arrive effortlessly at a new and improved destination.

Expert Advice Tailored To You

Our goal is to help your business achieve yours. We harness our decades of expertise in analysing and understanding key customer and agent challenges to provide the insights, answers, and technology you need.

Want to chat through your customer ambitions in more detail? Book a one-to-one 25-minute call with our experts for fresh insights and actionable ideas.

Maybe you need to drive competitive advantage through a stronger understanding of your customer and their needs? Or perhaps you’re seeking examples to help build a business case to drive back office transformation? You ask the question. We’ve got the intel and the answers.

These calls run until September 9th, so you can either book now or pre-book for your return from holiday: we’re ready when you are.

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    Bust Those Silos

    A truly comprehensive, holistic, in-depth view of your customer is within your grasp. You’re already halfway there – you just need to bring your existing solutions together with cutting-edge new strategies and tech. Let us help you future-proof your business by integrating and consolidating your existing legacy systems with new technology, keeping you innovative, responsive, and at the forefront of your customers’ evolving needs on an ongoing basis.

  • Transforming Operational Resilience

    How can you help your team go further and achieve more? We’ll show you how. Boost your customer experience by understanding and improving your workforce capacity and better visibility of your back-office workload. Maintain and enhance your compliance through these new and improved processes. And finally, empower and support your agents to confidently handle increasing or fluctuating customer contact volume.

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    Digital First Customer Experience

    Deliver the perfect customer engagement experience on the channel your customer wants, at the exact moment they want it. Reduce customer effort and divert calls from the contact centre where appropriate by embracing digital first solutions such as Conversational AI and a One Workforce concept to help reduce your costs while boosting your customer experience.

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    Thriving In Unpredictable Times

    Confidently understand, anticipate, and proactively respond to real-time customer challenges and behaviour changes in the ever-shifting post-pandemic landscape, which is currently manifesting itself in the cost-of-living spike. Similarly, prepare your agents with the right tech and training to handle complex enquiries, and to identify and support vulnerable customers, ensuring both agents and customers can thrive in these unpredictable times.