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Keep the benefits of your existing solutions while seamlessly moving to the cloud

Now is the Time for the Cloud

In a Frost and Sullivan report, Asia-Pacific organizations indicated that over 80% of CX applications are expected to be in the cloud by 2024. Other regions are following suit – are you keeping pace?

Unifying CX Program—Need for an Open and Holistic Approach to CX and CCaaS Delivery, Frost & Sullivan, 2023

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Move at Your Own Pace

Moving your entire contact center to the cloud may seem daunting. With Verint, you don’t have to move everything at once. Verint’s open platform makes it easy to start taking advantage of cloud capabilities while keeping some of your technology, including your telephony, on-premises. You can even start by simply adding AI-powered bots to your existing on-premises deployment to begin seeing the benefits of the cloud.

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Award-winning solutions

Verint Open CCaaS Platform delivers best-of-breed cloud-based customer engagement solutions. With rapid innovation, seamless scalability, and reduced IT headaches, organizations can save time and money while improving the customer experience.

But don’t take our word for it.

Leading brands rely on Verint to engage with customers and power more than 9 billion cloud customer interactions per year. Additionally, many global analyst firms have given Verint top honors.

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Awards and recognition

A new approach to openness

Today, 51% of contact center professionals say they face challenges with integration when moving to the cloud. With Verint, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Your move to the cloud doesn’t need to sacrifice openness or create integration chaos. Selecting a platform built with an API-first approach can support your current investments while enabling you to modernize at a speed that works for you.

How do we do it?

We designed our solutions to be open and vendor neutral. For instance, you can keep your telephony infrastructure on-premises, or in the cloud, and our bring your own telephony capability means you can choose any ACD that meets your needs. Our APIs also enable integration with a variety of CRM systems. We provide you with the maximum flexibility to manage your business.

Verint Platform FAQs

Secure and reliable

With Verint in the cloud, you enjoy a more secure, reliable and powerful experience. Advantages include:

  • Experience new releases without upgrade expenses or hassle
  • Add more users or enable new features quickly
  • Reduce the financial and technical burden on your IT organization
  • Strengthen security, performance and reliability
  • Leverage market-leading high availability platform

With Verint, you never have to settle for feature limitations when moving to the cloud.

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Proven cloud ROI and TCO analysis

With our free return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) estimate, you can understand how to reduce costs moving from on-premises software to Verint in the cloud.

We can help you:

  • Understand the “hidden iceberg” costs of your on-premises solution
  • Quantify technical and business savings of moving to the cloud
  • Get a year-by-year comparison of the costs for an on-premises and cloud solution and the savings of cloud over five years
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Cloud migration

Migrations into the cloud are a balance between the amount of data you move and the time/cost of resources. Verint offers several ways to accomplish this while offering the best fit for you. We support a full-scope implementation of Verint applications, or you may choose specific services to complement your development team or third-party service provider.

During your move to the cloud, we partner with you to determine the right deployment structure and supporting implementation processes tht meet your company’s business goals, resources, and timeline. Our team will work with you to complete the following process steps:

Standardized implementation steps consist of:

  1. Provisioning
  2. Configuration
  3. Integration
  4. Migration, Dry run
  5. User acceptance testing

After the user acceptance testing is complete, a hard cut-over is initiated, and a go-live date is scheduled. We help provide a seamless process for transferring your final legacy database, redirecting desktop components, and providing your users access to the cloud interface.

Often, our customers have a significant volume of business data they need to retain and migrate during a move to the cloud. Verint offers several approaches, depending on the volume and type of data you need to migrate:

Complete Migration: Move existing data from an existing customer-managed environment deployment to the cloud via secure internet or a secure encrypted physical device.

Selective Data Migration: Use the Export feature in your legacy Verint installation to export specific data, ready for importing to Verint.

Verint Compliance Archive Call Migration: Uploaded historic recordings are tagged with metadata to the cloud so they can be easily searched, and recordings can be accessed by a web interface. Only your calls will be moved to the cloud and be accessible via a simple playback system.

Our goal is to make migration as fast and economical as possible while moving required data to the cloud. Migration options and data extract requirements are outlined in detail within the Verint Developer Portal and supporting API documentation.

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