Case Management

Simplify and automate the execution of simple and complex business processes to support unpredictable demand from your customers and your organization.

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Verint Case Management helps you automate processes, empower employees, and manage unpredictability

  • Connected self-service at scale

    Consolidate and simplify business processes across and create customer-initiated cases from self-service channels.

  • Enable event-driven engagement

    Boost the user experience by allowing customers to interact when they want, how they want, via their channel of choice, with proactive event-based engagement.

  • Empower an omnichannel workforce

    Enable your employees to work seamlessly across customer service channels and benefit from a unified customer interaction history.

Power great customer experiences with Verint Case Management

Simplify complex workflows

Define your unique customer service processes with multi-step workflows that span teams and departments. Customer service agents and back-office employees can follow guided processes to improve the speed, accuracy and compliance of complex interactions across channels. Key case management capabilities include advanced queuing and routing, SLA management and parallel processes. Customers benefit from being able to track the progress of their requests at every stage of the process.

Stop repetition, start automation

Customer service processes often involve repetitive steps and tedious data entry. These manual tasks are time consuming, and fraught with data entry mistakes.

Replacing your manual efforts with automation means you can accelerate resolution times, drive employee productivity and improve your customer experience.

No more toggling between apps

Agent desktops are often cluttered with ten or more open applications used to answer customer questions. Toggling between systems wastes time and increases the opportunity for mistakes. Verint Case Management provides a sophisticated integration framework that allows you to create a single pane of glass for agents to view data across applications.

The application listens for events in the interaction and customer history to anticipate what the employee needs next and adjusts the application data accordingly.

Power up your CCaaS desktop

Verint Case Management offers organizations the ability to resolve complex issues across all channels and deliver frictionless, conversational customer experiences. Each contact is maintained in a unified customer history so conversations can continue across channels.

And, whether you want your channels to be managed by Verint or by your existing CCaaS solution, Verint can provide the case management capability.

Simplify Citizen Engagement

Local governments must offer their citizens many different and complex services, and it’s hard to deliver them efficiently. They need solutions that are open, easy to deploy, simple to use, and help reduce complexity. They also need solutions that connect and share data seamlessly to provide citizen-facing services.

Verint Case Management offers built-for-purpose workflows for citizen engagement so constituents can interact using the most efficient channel and get a consistent outcome regardless of the mode of interaction.


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Empower your agents with contextual knowledge

Customer requests are so complex that finding that right answer is difficult and time-consuming. Verint Knowledge Management pairs with Case Management to automatically present relevant, current and correct information.

The embedded knowledge management uses customer context to automatically update with relevant information, reducing the need for manual searching. Contextual information that can drive knowledge includes:

  • Customer history
  • Words spoken or typed
  • Applications in use
  • Product selections
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