Why Unified Data Is Critical for Successfully Elevating CX

Steve Davies June 26, 2024

At a time when interaction volumes are growing as quickly as the number of engagement channels, companies could feel overwhelmed by the amount of data being generated.

But the level of insight this can provide into your customers’ experiences is invaluable—the foundation of exceptional CX is exceptional data.

It enables companies to do more with less and simultaneously elevate customer experiences by achieving CX automation.

With this in mind, it goes without saying that data should be the key component for voice of the customer (VoC) applications and help to provide the most accurate view of how customers experience interactions with your company.

The most obvious source of this data comes directly through post-interaction surveys conducted after phone conversations, digital exchanges or in-store experiences.

However, there’s far more to be gleaned from an interaction than just how a customer feels after it’s happened—consider introducing AI to delve deeper into engagement data and how it can deliver actionable insights can supercharge a company’s CX strategy.

Turning Insights into Action

Listen Across the Journey

Recording every interaction, from every customer, on every engagement channel is the foundation of data-driven CX. Whether it’s through passive listening, such as behavioral tracking or struggle detection, or proactively collecting feedback via surveys, gathering a complete view of customer experiences across your platform enables you to build a customer-centric strategy.

Unified Data & Deeper Analysis

With a platform that collects data from millions, potentially billions, of customer conversations, it’s important to have somewhere to store it all.

Whether it’s workforce, interaction or experience data, a unified hub helps to remove silos and avoid data being trapped between the contact center, back-office and store—as well as the marketing, product, sales, fulfilment and engineering teams.

Along with providing a complete overview of every interaction, connecting the data helps companies to understand the cause and effect of issues during the customer journey.

Connect Through Openness

For a customer-centric strategy to work effectively, each department needs full and easy access to the data.

An open platform ensures the most value can be extracted from the millions of data points flowing through the unified hub. Openness combined with real-time access enables every agent, bot and application to become stronger and more effective, providing speedy solutions to customer issues and in-the-moment assistance and insights.

Combining these practices will help to turn your company into a data-driven enterprise.

By putting AI at the core of your platform and training on the experiential data collected via VoC solutions, organizations can improve business outcomes and deliver genuine ROI.

There are of course other sources of data required to achieve true CX automation, but the insights gained directly from customer interactions are some of the most valuable for powering an effective platform.

Elevate Your CX Automation with Verint’s VoC Capabilities

Verint Web and Mobile XM

VoC data collected from digital channels enables companies to take a holistic approach to their CX and understand customer experiences which don’t involve interactions with agents. The solution embeds listening posts across the digital experience in web and mobile applications.

The insights supplement survey data collection and drive strategic decisions across the organization to:

  • Measure CX across multiple touchpoints and predict the most effective way to improve experiences
  • Detects signs of customer struggle, such as time on page or error messages, and triggers AI solutions to solve the issue
  • Close the loop on customer issues with fast and agile investigation, which enables end-to-end web containment.

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Verint Survey Management

Direct feedback through proactive engagement following interactions across multiple touchpoints helps companies to better understand customer and employee experiences.

By using text and speech analytics to assess the data gathered from these across these engagement channels, companies can discover trends and themes emerging from the words, phrases and sentiments contained in the feedback.

This builds valuable insights into the complex customer journey, helping to increase loyalty, conversions and customer satisfaction.

  • Generate real-time dashboards and automated actions based on survey responses
  • Gain insights and performance metrics powered by industry-leading AI capabilities
  • Use data-driven insights to predict the most effective ways to enhance CX

Verint Enterprise CX

The data gathered through Enterprise CX offers a deeper understanding of the insights delivered by VoC data and enables companies to make tactical, operational and strategic decisions based on interactions on multiple engagement channels.

  • Capture omnichannel employee and customer experience data and get a unified view with the Verint Engagement Data Hub™
  • Unify feedback from across the organization and enable cross-functional collaboration between departments
  • Oversee survey and case management solutions with a single solution, tapping into insights and enabling swift omnichannel improvements.

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