Verint on a Winning Spree: A Frost Radar Leader for VoC

Philip Enders ArdenDecember 6, 2022

What are your customers saying, thinking and feeling?

This fundamental question for customer experience is at the heart of Voice of Customer (VoC) efforts the world over. Many organizations already have VoC programs, but even experienced teams need support. Often, they turn to vendors such as Verint for help.

But how can an organization know who to turn to? Vendors often promise equivalent results, and they use the same language to describe products and services. The entire process can be confusing.

That is why resources such as Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar™: Voice of Customer Analytics, 2022 can be so powerful.

By carefully researching and analyzing the top VoC Analytics companies on the cross section of growth and innovation, Frost & Sullivan found the top ten performers across these two axes. After deliberating amongst 50+ global companies, they identified Verint as a Leader in the Frost Radar™ report, additionally giving Verint the highest rating on the innovation index.

So, how did Verint achieve this? Let us look at the report’s findings.

Driving Competitive Intensity in the World of VoC

Competitive intensity is an abstract concept but in practice it refers to how well businesses need to perform to remain “competitive” or even viable. When competitive intensity is high, low performers must drop out or improve—and even leaders cannot stand by to let the competition pass them.

Frost & Sullivan found that Verint was “one of the key drivers of competitive intensity” in the VoC marketplace. What does this mean? Verint is setting the bar for innovation and excellence in VoC analytics and technology. By investing in advanced AI, new listening technologies and better analytics, Verint has led the charge to transform Voice of the Customer for the better. To compete, other VoC brands must innovate as well—or risk being outdated.

In a sense, even if you are not using Verint, our work in advancing the field of VoC and customer feedback has likely influenced the tools you are using today! It is both humbling and an honor to be recognized in this way, but the Verint team will not rest on its laurels. That is likely why Frost & Sullivan also found that Verint’s innovative portfolio stood above the rest.

Laudable Innovation and R&D in Voice of Customer Technology

Why does technology matter for VoC? While you could simply hold a pen and paper and ask every customer for feedback, modern brands with potentially millions or billions of customers do not have the resources, time or even need to do this.

To gain wide-reaching, high-impact customer feedback, organizations need to invest in the right tools. That means finding the right combination of capabilities, cost, and value. Maximizing ROI requires choosing fairly priced, powerful tools that leverage the latest technology to drive the most value.

Verint’s robust portfolio of over 650 global patents and patent applications, alongside award-winning AI technology, and heavy investment in R&D earned Frost & Sullivan’s commendation. They even went on to say that Verint’s portfolio was “one of the most commendable portfolios on the market.”

The Frost Radar report highlighted data capture, AI, ML, unstructured data analytics, predictive analytics, and automation as particularly critical areas of innovation, alongside Verint’s DaVinci AI & Analytics as made possible by Verint AI Labs.

An Innovative AI and R&D Team

With AI taking the center stage as a must-have technology for customer experience and other corporate leaders, it is not enough to have simple binary operations or pattern recognition. New AI technology moves beyond hype and into the world of powerful but reliable applications.

Let us be honest. Every vendor these days claims to use AI in some way. But not every vendor has won awards highlighting the power of their AI technology.

What goes into building such an award-winning portfolio? Verint will not settle for being the best and having a robust set of tools already in hand. Instead, the company constantly iterates on our offerings and our diligent developers and innovative product professionals put in the work and the hours every day. This investment in our people and technology is the only thing that makes that level of innovation possible.

A Cool Report to Lead In

While Verint was not the only business earning a Leader spot on the Frost Radar™: Voice of Customer Analytics, 2022, the high score on the innovation index does set us apart. The fact is, the VoC analytics marketplace is highly competitive. Only by being the best of the best can any brand hope to stand out.

Frost & Sullivan worked hard to provide an objective measurement of the report participants, analyzing information about their partner programs, innovations, technologies, potential growth, previous growth and much more.

If you would like to see the full analysis, check out the full report.