Looking for Hidden Treasure? Revealing CX Insights in Your Customer Conversations

Lisa Boles June 17, 2024

It’s no secret that, for many people, using social media channels such as Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, etc. is the preferred way of interacting with customer service. This is often because they also perceive it to be the quickest and easiest way to get a company’s attention.

Today’s customers often turn to social media as a public forum to let a company know that they are unhappy with a product or service (and, on occasion, to offer kudos for a job well done). And, they expect that companies are paying attention to these questions, comments and concerns.

Lack of response can result in a customer lost. Remember the old saying: A happy customer will tell one friend, while an unhappy customer will tell ten.

You don’t need a treasure map—but you do need the right tools

Giving customers a forum for sharing opinions and other feedback is only part of the equation.

While it may not require a treasure map to uncover all the information and insights hidden away in your company’s various social media conversations, it does require the right tools to bring it to light, analyze trends, and make it useful for finding areas in need of improvement.

What kinds of golden nuggets are hiding in all your interactions?

Using text analytics to unlock buried treasure 

Messaging and social media interactions are rich in customer intent and sentiment signals. With Verint Text Analytics, you can analyze this huge volume of unstructured, text-based data generated from social media and messaging channels to extract actionable business intelligence.

You’ll also gain enhanced insight into your customers’ experiences and top-of-mind topics. As we all know, the ability to unearth situations that need immediate attention is crucial.

By applying text analytics to your social media, you can see in seconds when issues such as website problems, product issues, or customer service problems are causing negative customer experiences and rapidly take corrective action.

Verint Text Analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide deep insights about your text-based customer interactions. The application can automatically identify topics, emerging keywords or phrases, and significant trends—as well as the customer sentiment throughout the interactions.

In addition, automated theme discovery can identify new discussion topics. Identify, track and explain both positive and negative customer sentiment about text-based interactions so you can take appropriate actions quickly.

Using pre-defined language templates with industry-specific terms—or your own specific business knowledge and subject matter expertise—allows you to keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

Speed up insights into key contact center metrics and KPIs as you dig deep to analyze themes, key words and phrases that your customers are using. Track changes in sentiment and align them with other factors such as new product releases, service issues, etc.

The benefits of a holistic view  

Imagine the benefits of having all your social media interactions in a single, centralized location so you can get a holistic view of trending topics, changes in sentiment, etc., while automatically routing customer queries to the most suitable agent based on the context of questions.

Organizations with multiple teams responsible for monitoring and responding to social messages could certainly benefit from having everything in a single agent workspace—breaking down both organizational and channel silos—resulting in seamless customer experiences.

You can dig deep into each digital channel, supercharging the value of all the information in your social messaging channels by connecting them to see the trends emerging across all your channels.

With this connected view, you can focus on areas of negative impact to see what corrective actions should be taken. On the other hand, you can see what’s generating positive sentiment so you can determine “what good looks like” and even identify and recognize your top performers.

Don’t miss out on a golden opportunity

Don’t settle for anything less than a complete picture of what’s happening in your digital customer interactions. Supercharge your insights with:

  • Reduced manual effort
  • Improved accuracy
  • Faster issue identification & resolution
  • Improved understanding of root cause of scores such as CSAT, NPS, CES (customer effort)
  • And more!

To learn more about how to uncover the wealth of information you may be missing, visit: https://www.verint.com/text-analytics/.

To learn more about Verint’s social media monitoring solutions, visit: https://www.verint.com/engagement-channels/private-messaging-channels/public-social/