Cut Call Authentication Costs and Handle Time with Verint Call Risk Scoring

Bridget LangeJune 20, 2022

It’s a delicate balance. On one hand, you need to keep your customers and their data—as well as your company’s own finances—secure. But when you authenticate your callers, you need a process that’s not a hassle for your customers, and isn’t adding costly handle time to your contact center budget.

Verint Da Vinci Call Risk Scoring Service is built with both your customers’ time, and your agents’ time, in mind. For years, this solution has delivered industry-leading security—stopping fraudsters in their tracks before they even have access to your agents—and saved contact centers millions in agent costs, in addition to savings from fraudulent activity.

Now, Call Risk Scoring offers a new use case, Call Verification, which leverages behavioral analytics collected in the voice channel (IVR) to produce a risk/threat score for each call. This score is passed, in real time, to the agent via a screen pop to the desktop in a frictionless, passive manner that doesn’t add to the call time. Operating solely in the background, the solution analyzes more than 60 historical and real-time behaviors to develop this score, which can be used to:

  • Reduce levels of authentication performed by the live agent, positively impacting Call Center KPIs such as Average Handle Time (AHT) and reducing operating costs
  • Enhance Customer Experience (CX) by eliminating repetitive steps, decreasing interaction friction and time spent in the customer journey
  • Encourage self-service of complex transactions in the voice channel, reducing agent transfers
  • Reduces stress on live agents

Again, the authentication process is an expense for contact centers and may also cause customer friction, resulting in a poor customer experience. Call Verification is already at work for our customers, simplifying the authentication process leading to a reduction in overhead costs and call length, as well as a more seamless, personalized caller experience.

One of our customers was able to cut average handle time by 20 seconds after implementing Call Verification. They are set to enjoy more than $1.7 million in contact center savings this year thanks to their use of this solution. And at the same time, of course, their contact center agents are enjoying an easier process that’s streamlined their day-to-day duties.

Learn more about how this customer has benefited from Verint Call Risk Scoring by reading this case study.