Community Management Software: Three Key Benefits

Jon Allen January 15, 2022

Using community management software, such as Verint Community, can enhance the digital environment for your employees, customers, or both. Features such as discussion forums can bring together customers and your team in problem-solving situations, direct messaging can speed up productivity in your workforce, and having an easily accessible resource hub can help employees quickly gain knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Create a culture of collaboration, digitally

When you make the decision to take advantage of community management software, you’ll be automatically creating a culture of collaboration within your team, workplace, or customer base.

But just what does this mean exactly? By providing a digital space in which people can share, collaborate and work together, you’re cutting down on the time taken to complete tasks, and communicate, and ultimately you’re driving your business forward.

Under the hood, this is thanks to Verint Community’s out-of-the-box, feature-rich configuration, which includes chat, private messages, forums, wikis, blogs, and much more. Read more about Verint Community’s features here.

Learn how your average customer thinks through community management software

When you open up different types of communities, such as discussion forums, to your customers, you get an insight into the way they think. Given a place to voice opinions, ask for help, and engage with other potential customers, an organic community will naturally unfold. With your customers interacting in front of you, problems can be resolved openly, insights can be gained and the public will be able to see your business acting as an open, inclusive organization, giving you a favorable reputation.

Customers or employees? You decide

Because the Verint Community Platform can be fully customized to your organization’s needs, there’s no one correct way to implement and use it. This also includes whether you choose to build a community internally or externally. You may even choose both.

Verint’s features such as private messaging, file sharing, forums, and activity streams lend themselves to a ‘blank canvas’ approach. This means whether you decide to create an internal social intranet, a private social network for employees, or a discussion forum for your customers, our tools and features are applicable to a range of situations and configurations.

And that’s not all, Verint Community’s ability to tailor the user experience and technical functionality through plug-ins, REST APIs, and our very own Widget Studio developer suite means that the finer details can be tweaked to deliver the functionality your organization requires.

We can help you get the most out of Verint Community management software for your business

Does Verint Community’s customizable nature and vast feature set sound like something you’re interested in? Request a demo or speak to our experts today to find out more about the different versions of community management software we offer, and the advantages of each.