5 Surefire Steps to Alleviate Call Center Pain Points

Verint TeamAugust 13, 2018

Here’s the thing… There are no perfect call centers.  Pain points in call centers exist.

We get it.

However, the time has come.

The time to start addressing the challenges.

We’ve got 5 ways that will help get your call center moving in the right direction.

1. Looking Through the Lens of Your Employee’s Challenges

There’s a truism that improving customer experiences starts with looking at the call center employee. If you were to look through the lens of your employee experience, what would you see that needs to change?

Before you answer that, consider this:

One simple fact: The employee experience is getting harder as customer expectations rise, personalized service is in demand, and requests have become highly complex.

Modern Tools

The takeaway:

Employee engagement. Understand the struggles of your employees. We’re not talking about just handling the customer experience, but technology, as well. Today, even entry-level employees expect the conveniences of modern technology. They want automation of simple tasks so they can focus on what matters most: the customer.

Pick One Thing That You Can Change Today That Will Help Your Employee Tomorrow.

Download The State of Digital Customer Experience Report – We’re sure you’ll find it full of helpful resources.

While we’re on the subject of Call Center automation…

2. Embracing the Fear of Automation in the Call Center

It’s true…Some employees fear that automation will replace them.

Here’s the real truth – Automation in the Call Center is able to lessen the load.

How? Great question. Simple Answer: Automation in the Call Center excels at doing the repetitive tasks, such as data entry. It can even help improve the overall quality of Call Center interactions with management.

Seriously…with automation, the process of evaluating employee performance becomes…FAIR and Consistent. What employee doesn’t want that?

Let’s see it in action

Video: Automation in Action

3. Improving Customer Satisfaction Rates with Agent Desktop Optimization

Sounds impossible? Too Far-fetched?

It’s not. Here’s what we mean.

A report (Agents Desktop Optimization: Help Your Agents Help Customers”) by Principal Analyst, Omer Minkara with the Aberdeen Group states:

But wait, you’re probably thinking… “you still haven’t told me how to do it.”  You’re right.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon.

But first, let’s agree on one thing: Complex services issues need a simpler process.

Organizations have to simplify the process of getting employees up to speed and ready to handle complex interactions.

Here’s the How…

Organizations can simplify by providing employees with a single interface that contains all the information they need.

Video: Simplification in Action


Did you know? Intelligent Virtual Assistants can proactively bring the right information to employees’ fingertips when they need it.

4. Bringing Intelligent Virtual Assistants into the Call Center

Think mind-blowing.

Yes, they’re that great.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs).

IVAs help bring your Call Center into the modern world in 4 ways:

  1. They can predict what your customer wants.
  2. They can personalize your customer’s experience.
  3. They can determine the best next action to deliver a successful outcome.
  4. They can empower your customers to help themselves quickly and with minimal effort.

5. Bringing in Modernization with Mobile Work Views

Answering the “What if.”

Today’s employees chat with friends, shop for the newest fashion trends, and book travel, all online.

They live, breathe, and think in ‘modernization’. Shouldn’t you?

Fact: Employees need balance.

Think: Balancing work life with personal life.

Employees need modern ways to check their work schedules online.

They also need the flexibility to change their schedule as needed.

Modernization in the Call Center is what the guys and girls with their big boy shoes on, have.

Many are doing it with Mobile Work Views.

The big question…How do Mobile Work Views work?


Mobile Work Views help your employees in 2 ways:

  1. Manage schedules and other work-related tasks from anywhere
  2. Use modern systems that are designed to help preserve work-life balance.


The takeaway:

Modernized mobile applications make work life more efficient and accurate.

That means—higher job satisfaction, better performance, less turn-over and improved customer satisfaction.

Here’s a simple-to-follow flip-through guide that provides more on the benefits of mobile work views.

Now that you have these top five ways to improve your Call Center, which one will you start on today, tomorrow, and in the near future?