The Big Squeeze: Navigating Through a Perfect Operational and Customer Service Storm

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The post-pandemic fallout, cost of living squeeze and the elephant in your back office.

It’s never been tougher. As the cost-of-living spikes, in an already fragile pandemic world, customers and businesses alike are reassessing finances and looking at how to achieve best value. This is driving unprecedented interaction and demand within the back offices of every customer or citizen facing organisation.

From requests to switch to cheaper utility tariffs, bank accounts or insurance policies to a readiness to complain and seek recompense – or high-anxiety worries about soaring energy costs and increased need for local & central government support, this is the perfect storm.

Join this crucial, timely session and discover:

  • Why your back office can no longer be ignored and why investment in customer engagement strategies MUST finally address this long-standing ‘elephant in the room’
  • How to not only better cope with, but actively transform the management, measurement, improved productivity and visibility of your back office
  • The solutions that other organisations are using to optimize their back-office and enhance customer experience which give them increased capacity, improved wait times and a 17% reduction in Front Office calls


David Poulton
Account Director, Verint 

With over 25 years operational, tactical and strategic management capability both in-house and as a consultant, David brings both breadth and depth of experience. Spanning public and private sectors and within a range of operating verticals, David understands the variety of challenges Back Office operational managers face and the balancing act they seek between growing or transforming the business of tomorrow whilst managing the business of today.

A qualified, seasoned practitioner David calls on this experience to help customers harness people, processes and technology solutions to drive desired customer experience and effective cost to serve.

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