Predictive Modeling

Many organizations capture an overwhelming volume of experiential data in customer and employee interactions across all channels and touchpoints. How do you figure out where to prioritize resources effectively and ensure every action you take has the maximum possible impact on the customer experience?

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Improve customer experience

What’s the secret to consistently superior CX? In a word: actionability. To achieve it, leaders stress coordination, consolidation, and a healthy dose of AI. Learn how you can level up your CX strategy.

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Link business decisions to outcomes

When it comes to delivering positive experiences, cause-and-effect insight can be your most powerful tool. But without knowing which actions will yield real benefits, business decision-making can quickly become a guessing game.

Relying on simple correlations, incomplete data, or—worse yet, faulty assumptions based on previous experience—can waste valuable time and resources.

Verint Predictive Modeling can help. This innovative suite of solutions can deliver a 360-degree view of customer and employee experiences by measuring them across a variety of touchpoints and predicting the best, most effective ways to enhance them.

Armed with this insight, you can make better, more informed decisions that can impact revenue, loyalty, retention, and competitive advantage.

Leverage AI to understand the customer journey

Predictive Modeling leverages artificial intelligence technologies and a patented, predictive experience management (XM) data science model developed over nearly 20 years.

Its cause-and-effect framework can enable you to connect drivers of customer and employee satisfaction at individual touchpoints in the customer journey with measurable business outcomes, such as likelihood to purchase, recommend, return, and more.

Because we’ve applied our proven predictive data-science model consistently for so many years, we can enable you to benchmark your organization’s performance against peers and best-in-class in more than 800 categories. So you can know exactly how your organization compares, and formulate targeted strategies and tactics for improvement.

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Capture and measure experiences

Unlike point solutions that offer a fragmented view of what’s happening, Predictive Modeling can automatically capture and measure feedback from every touchpoint, interaction, and format and consolidate it in a single place.

A set of easy-to-use tools can enable authorized users across your organization to quickly check performance, drill down, or run reports to share.

The solution’s patented Priority Index calculates experience scores for all touchpoints, then ranks them by lowest score and highest impact. This quick, intuitive visualization can be especially helpful for detecting sudden changes in CX performance and knowing where to focus first. Imagine being able to start every day knowing your top XM priorities.

Even if your staff is on the road, there’s no need to skip a beat—a mobile app can make this insight available wherever you need it.

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The right tool for every experience

Get the right level of detail for each customer interaction.

With so much data to sift through, filter, and analyze, Predictive Measurement Surveys reveal a complete picture of your customers’ experiences so product, marketing, digital, location, or any other team can prioritize changes and act with confidence.

Our new, game-changing Predictive Engagement Surveys capture CSAT, NPS®, or other high-level company metrics with just three questions. Unobtrusive and completed in less than 15 seconds, your customers see questions related to their experience and can provide quick feedback.

No matter how vast or complex your data is, Verint Experience Cloud ensures you have control. The power of Verint Predictive Modeling is behind every decision.

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