Verint Named a Market Leader in Opus Research Conversational Intelligence Intelliview Report

Verint Earns Top Marks for Broadest Solution Set, Status as Most Used Conversational Platform and Open Flexible Platform Supporting Digital and Cloud Transformation



Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), the Customer Engagement Company, today announced that Opus Research has named Verint’s artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics solutions the overall market leader in Conversational Intelligence out of a field of 11 vendors evaluated in its new Opus Research Conversational Intelligence Intelliview Report. Opus also named Verint a leader for top Features and Technology, and Integration and Scalability criteria scores in its 2021 Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants report published in February.

Opus Research evaluated the products, services, positioning and potential of 11 firms helping enterprises make the most of Conversational Intelligence, derived from the chats, phone calls and voice discussion with both live and virtual agents.

The highest rankings went to vendors offering the ability to capture (or ingest) user-generated content; analyze, starting with categorization or rapid recognition of the intent of a conversation; trigger specific actions based on analysis of captured conversations; and learn via a feedback loop that enables an automated system to refine its responses over time.

Opus Research notes that Verint’s holistic and open customer engagement platform powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics combines the broadest solution set with proven and quantifiable ROI for the world’s leading organizations. Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics infuses advanced machine learning models, natural language processing, intent models, sentiment models and analytics engines into the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform and solutions portfolio, leveraging an applied AI approach to drive improved business outcomes.

The Verint platform also was lauded for being the highest rated and most used Conversational Intelligence platform, having been consistently rated as the best solution in the market for multiple years. Opus states that Verint is “by far the most used Conversational Intelligence platform in the world,” with over 2,000 customer deployments globally, in over 80 different languages and dialects.

Opus Research also cited Verint for having the most open and flexible platform supporting digital and cloud transformation. Verint’s cloud and on-premises platforms, open API and engagement data management approach supports ultimate flexibility for organizations wanting to take advantage of the latest innovations with existing investments and ecosystems to unify all their conversational and interaction data in a single unified platform.

A number of Verint conversational applications are covered in this report including Speech Analytics, Text Analytics, Real-Time Agent Assist, Automated Quality Monitoring, Desktop and Process Analytics, Experience Management and Intelligent Self-Service.

The Importance of Conversational Intelligence

According to Opus Research, successful Conversational Intelligence initiatives are crucial to promote collaboration, accelerate sales, enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction, enable agent training, improve chatbots and intelligent assistants, and provide a defined competitive advantage.

“Whether a caller is being assisted by an Intelligent Virtual Assistant or an agent/advisor in a contact center, they expect to benefit from resources in the back office or in the cloud that provide consistently correct answers, recommendations or actions 24/7/365 at a high scale,” says Derek Top, senior analyst and research director, Opus Research. “That moves the center of gravity in automation and self-service efforts from shallow ‘conversational user interfaces’ to more useful automated assistants or agents. The difference is that they are informed by an amalgam of resources that Opus Research refers to as ‘Conversational Intelligence.”

“Our report found an overwhelming majority (80%) of organizations actively transcribe speech data, but two-thirds fail to fully leverage conversational assets to support business objectives,” continues Top. “This indicates that many companies understand there is a treasure trove of knowledge hidden within their unstructured speech data but don’t know how to make the best use of it.”

“Verint’s AI and analytics technology continues to push the boundaries of traditional conversational intelligence platforms by offering an open and flexible architecture that supports businesses’ digital and cloud transformation,” says Verint’s Tracy Malingo, general manager and global vice president, intelligent self-service. “This Opus Research assessment truly validates our commitment to providing better insights into customer behavior, improving interactions and driving better employee and customer engagement.”

To learn more, download the Opus Research Conversational Intelligence Intelliview Report.

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