Knowledge Management for Self-Service

Leverage Verint Knowledge Management to change the way your customers find answers, deliver accurate information consistently and quickly, and improve user experience.

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Deliver the Right Answer Consistently

Your customers demand immediate, accurate answers in the self-service or assisted channel of their choice.  Masking your own complexity and putting this information at their fingertips instantaneously is difficult for many organizations. The Verint Cloud can help.

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Deliver the Right Answer Consistently

Make it easy for customers to help themselves.  With Verint Knowledge Management, your customers can experience personalized results tailored to their context via mobile, voice or web.


Knowledge Management can improve:

  • Speed: Reduce search time.
  • User Experience: Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Consistency: Access the same answers across digital and human interactions.
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If your customer moves beyond self-service for answers, Verint Employee Desktop provides a comprehensive solution for managing interactions across all channels in a unified experience.

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