Verint Community Use Case: Social Commerce Platform

Verint Community is a community-led social commerce platform that creates business opportunities from customer collaborations.

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A feature-rich platform that drives commerce through community

Social commerce platforms help businesses to drive sales through online communities, and Verint Community’s customizable, interoperable, fully-featured platform leads the way for socially-driven e-commerce.

Verint Community’s forum features deliver social engagement for your organization by providing you with the right customer insights to make data-driven decisions. An active, open discussion forum¬†facilitates brand trust and leads to organic conversions through shared real-life experiences and interactions.

Verint Community is equipped out-of-the-box with the features and functions to support a social commerce environment. Discussion and Q&A forums can be fully-customized visually, as well as utilizing modern, responsive UX for ease-of-use.

Acting as a cornerstone of interaction, forums become a place where your business’ reputation can grow through transparent, fair customer service. Additional elements, such as rich user profiles, leaderboards, star ratings and the ability to leave comments help to break down the boundaries between customer and company.

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A social commerce platform, your way

Verint Community works best when tailored to your organization’s needs. In fact, no two instances of the platform need to be the same.

With enough modular variables and unique aspects, Verint Community can be constructed based on the specific needs of your business through an easy-to-use, non-technical management console.

For those that wish to take it further, Verint Community’s Theme Studio, Widget Studio, and Automation Studio offers a more in-depth path to customization.

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