Boundless Customer Engagement

A troubling Engagement Capacity Gap has emerged. Are you prepared to navigate this gap in 2021?

Webinar: How to Close the Engagement Capacity Gap

There is a chasm between what organizations know they need to do to meet rising customer expectations and the resources they have to do it. Join this on-demand webinar to learn the importance of closing this gap and how to close it.

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The Engagement Capacity Gap

New research shows only half of organizations worldwide say they are well prepared to support their customer engagement priorities going forward.
Interactions and channel growth are way up. So are expectations. But resources aren’t changing to meet these new challenges. This has created an Engagement Capacity Gap that puts pressure on your customer experience.
New research from Verint quantifies and illuminates this gap.

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Verint By The Numbers

  • 82%

    82% of leaders say the challenges of managing customer engagement will increase in 2021

  • 50%

    Only 50% of business leaders say they are well prepared to support customer engagement priorities moving forward

  • 54%

    54% of leaders consider their organizations well prepared to enable a remote workforce to effectively serve customers

Disruption Meets Pandemic

In 2020, we all faced the perfect storm of digital disruption converging with the pandemic. Prior to COVID, companies were already struggling to handle the increasing complexity of customer engagement.
COVID impacted preparedness levels and derailed plans for investment. This put companies in a more vulnerable state or left them behind. Now is the time to close the Engagement Capacity Gap as it threatens your ability to acquire new customers, evolve your business and drive growth.

Behavior Change Stat

Top Concerns Of Business Leaders

  • 94%

    94% cited understanding and acting on rapidly changing customer behaviors

  • 88%

    88% cited managing the growth in volumes of customer interactions

  • 79%

    79% cited having a unified view of customer engagement and overcoming data silos

  • 78%

    78% cited using customer feedback to improve experiences

  • 77%

    cited building enduring relationships

Engagement Capacity Gap EBook Cover

Engagement Capacity Gap Study Verint Global Research

What do business leaders think about their preparedness for rising customer expectations and a rapidly changing workforce?

Technologies to Close the Gap

Eighty-five percent of organizations agreed that cloud-based solutions helped in managing shifts in channel usage and interaction volumes to a moderate or high degree.

Moving forward, 88 percent of respondents say they expect to invest to a high or moderate degree in cloud-based customer engagement and experience solutions to close the Engagement Capacity Gap.

Leaders cited their largest areas for investment as:

Tips to Narrow the Gap
People Collaborating

The Impact of AI and Analytics

Eighty-six percent of respondents had a moderate to high investment in analytics prior to the COVID outbreak, but only 38 percent found those analytics useful to help manage shifts in channel usage and interaction volume.

An overwhelming 90 percent cited difficulty in unifying data across silos as a deterrent to driving analytical insights. Verint can help you navigate these analytics challenges with capabilities focused on:

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