BNP Paribas Automates Objective and Consistent Quality Assurance with Verint

Rob Lamoureux March 22, 2022

BNP Paribas supports 3.9 million customers through almost 460 bank branches. The organization is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, the European Union’s leading bank, operating in 68 countries with more than 193,000 employees. Already supporting 1.3 million customers through digital channels, the bank is eager to increase this number—not surprisingly, quality is an imperative.

As digital engagement rises, the bank knew it needed to monitor and review the quality of every agent interaction to ensure a consistently rewarding customer experience. Until recently, however, the Quality Team only studied a small sample of customer calls. This lack of visibility meant the bank was unaware of activities that could be undermining the customer experience—it was also exposing the organization to unnecessary risk.

In response, BNP Paribas deployed Verint® Automated Quality ManagementTM, enabling the bank to understand what is happening on the calls that were previously unevaluated, sharing insights automatically among quality management decision-makers, agents, and other stakeholders.

One key benefit (among several) the bank is enjoying includes agent performance / quality increasing from 26% to 36% in five months.

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