CX Sofa Series: From Knowledge Management to Knowledge Automation

Knowledge Management, vital to the success of any contact centre, is no longer just a searchable repository; the modern contact centre needs Knowledge As A Service, also known as Knowledge Automation, providing AI-powered, real-time, relevant information across the enterprise at users’ and agents’ fingertips.

Joining us on this episode of the CX Sofa Series is Heather Richards, VP Product Strategy and GTM, KM, at Verint, whose 20+ years of expertise take us on a whistlestop tour of the Knowledge Management landscape past, present, and future. She discusses hot topics including:

  • How using AI in the contact centre might mean you’re not getting the benefits you think you are – and how Knowledge Automation can unlock that full potential
  • How Knowledge Management has traditionally been used – and how it’s evolved for modern day customer needs
  • The power of Knowledge Management as a single source of truth to address business challenges around elevating customer experiences while optimising labour resources