Verint IVA Pro Package: The Ultimate Low-Code AI Chatbot Solution

Low-Code Chatbot Goes Enterprise

As part of the Verint Cloud Platform, the Verint IVA Professional Package™ empowers business professionals to create and manage digital AI assistants and chatbots that can drive rapid ROI and value to support business goals. Ideal for enterprises and partners, the Verint IVA Pro Package includes a suite of AI-powered design tools that help eliminate guesswork and frustrating, manual entry—along with necessary APIs to allow teams to create and deploy SaaS-only digital chatbot solutions. It also includes introductory training to help for a smooth deployment.

The Verint IVA Professional Package leverages enterprise-grade AI while also remaining accessible and easy for a non-technical administrator. You won’t need a large internal team of developers or computer scientists to take advantage of this solution. With an easy drag-and-drop user interface, you can build your chatbot on the fly, quickly test new intent understanding, and get your customers the service they need, when they need it.

Built on the same market-leading conversational AI platform that supports Verint’s enterprise natural-language solutions, Verint IVA Pro Package empowers professionals to create and grow AI assistants that can scale to support and grow with businesses to drive automation success and meaningful ROI.

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Conversational AI, Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Conversational AI technology reduces costs, improves productivity, and – most importantly – increases customer satisfaction. That’s why chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants have become essential for companies in nearly every industry.

According to Forrester, chatbots can greatly reduce the time needed to meet business requirements, propelling software development to “ten times the speed of traditional processes.” Investing in a platform that can automate critical processes will accelerate projects and empower businesses to deliver the best customer experience.

The ability to speed up and simplify AI-powered chatbot deployments – especially during the increased customer service demands brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic – is part of the reason many experts view low-code development (also referred to as “low-code/no-code” development) as one of the top trends in AI for 2021.

Understanding that all businesses are unique and have varying needs, Verint IVA offers a range of conversational AI capabilities, including our newest solution, the IVA Pro Package. This low-code chatbot can be powered by insights from your customer and business data to deliver immediate ROI through innovative self-service.

To determine if the low-code Verint IVA Pro Package is right for your company, it’s important to fully understand the advantages of drag-and-drop technology, what it means to implement low-code technology, and how Verint’s IVA solutions can scale to address your evolving business needs.

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What You Need to Know About Low-Code Chatbots

Low-code chatbot technology is part of a broader trend in information technology where software development and delivery is abstracted away from the act of coding.

Chatbots are ideal candidates for the low-code approach, as they allow businesses to quickly adapt to changing customer needs. Control of the chatbot shifts away from IT, where projects must wait their turn, to businesspeople, who can make direct changes in response to, or in anticipation of, dynamic business events. This also lets developers shift their attention to other company initiatives where their subject matter expertise is most needed.

The value of low-code chatbots can be boundless. These solutions can rewire organizations by unlocking new degrees of business agility and resilience to the volatility of major disruptions in an interconnected world. Low-code chatbots add responsiveness to changing customer needs and allow for unprecedented business control of the customer experience.

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Advantages of Low-Code Chatbots

Verint’s low-code IVA Pro Package is accessible to non-technical administrators, and offloads the burden of data wrangling, which can often slow down the chatbot deployment process. Verint IVA Pro Package automates the data-intensive setup so that users can focus on the customer experience without sacrificing intelligence or long-term ROI.

Not all low-code chatbots are alike. Verint IVA Pro Package eliminates manual data entry by ingesting large amounts of structured and unstructured, real-world conversational data. It then categorizes ideas so all you have to do is drag and drop in new content, test on the fly, and deploy.

Many low-code platforms leverage visual “drag-and-drop” tools instead of programming. You don’t have to be a developer to build and deploy branded, intelligent, enterprise-grade bots. As business needs change, you can adjust your chatbot on the fly, without waiting for support from other teams or departments.

With Verint IVA Professional Package, you can:

  • Rapidly turn existing conversation data into automated self-service
  • Quickly build, test, and deploy a user-friendly IVA in days
  • Continuously improve automation with customer data and insights
  • Measure ROI and business value to meet your goals
  • Quickly develop new capabilities with the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform
  • Extend to the highest-quality enterprise IVA when you’re ready
  • Access expert support when you need it
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How Verint Delivers Turnkey Chatbots

At Verint, we take a data-first approach to IVA development. IVA Pro Package is one of the only low-code chatbot offerings on the market that imports and makes sense of unstructured conversational data. With Verint’s IVA Pro Package, business professionals can drag, drop and quickly deploy AI assistants and chatbots that truly know your customers and your business.

Verint’s language-analysis tools categorize topics and unique ideas that are important to your customers, employees or other end users. We refer to this as mapping user intent. By gathering natural language, IVA Pro Package captures examples of how users articulate their intent. The more natural language IVA Pro Package gathers, the better it is at understanding end users, removing the guesswork and allowing for a true data-first approach.

Put simply, IVA Pro Package helps businesses listen to customers, rather than make assumptions about what customers want to know and how they will ask for it. This helps you bridge the gap between the information you want or believe you should share and the actual information that your end users are truly asking for.

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A Drag-and-Drop Solution Backed By Market-Leading AI

Verint IVA Pro Package features a simple and intuitive user interface and under the hood you’ll find expertly designed AI and machine learning technology. That’s because Verint IVA Pro Package is built on the same conversational AI platform that supports Verint’s enterprise AI-powered natural language solutions. This platform processes massive amounts of data so you can listen to your customers and meet their needs – even as those needs change over time.

With Verint IVA, your organization can quickly mature the conversational AI capabilities over time to handle more complex use cases, and also offer more personalized interactions. In other words, you could start with the IVA Pro Package to build your own chatbot and down the road advance the capabilities and expand for limitless automation across your business.

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Verint IVA Scales With Your Business

When first deploying a chatbot, many organizations make the mistake of siloing the project rather than considering the technology as a broadly capable business solution. Organizations that succeed with conversational AI initiatives clearly consider how chatbots and associated technologies support not only their immediate business goals but also those that lie far beyond the first deployment.

With the Verint IVA Pro Package, you can quickly deploy a conversational AI solution and easily add more robust capabilities as you grow. We also offer access to Verint conversational AI experts who can support you with efforts like a post-launch audit, ensuring a smooth deployment, or helping with reporting or enhancement opportunities.

Having expert support available if you need it allows you to advance your solution’s capability and maturity as your business expands and evolves.

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