A Major Energy Company Becomes a Top-Ranked Utility the UK


A leading UK energy company sought to improve the customer experience, reduce its cost-to-serve, and become a top-ranked utility company in the UK. With more than 10,000 staff serving 6.5 million households and businesses across the UK, this was an ambitious endeavor.

The energy company initiated a Customer Transformation Programme (CTP), which had three main work streams: Leadership and Development, Operational Excellence, and End-to-End Customer Journeys. One of the key areas identified for improvement was workflows in the back office.

The organization realized it needed to provide real-time information to all levels of management to monitor and improve productivity against customer demands and operational efficiency.

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The energy company selected Verint Work Manager and Verint Principles of Operational Management because the solutions provided not only the right technology, but also the consultative support needed to ensure incorporation of best practices within its operations.

In particular, Verint Work Manager provided three key capabilities:

  • Strategic planning and forecasting;
  • Real-time work management; and
  • Reporting and analytics
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Verint Principles of Operational Management

Verint Principles of Operational Management training gave the energy company a best practice management framework to coach and challenge managers to better understand workloads and balance these with the resources available.

The framework ensured that the learning gained became practice and that the required activities and behaviors cascaded through the organization to deliver real impact.

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With Verint Work Manager, the energy company was able to:

  • 30% improvement in productivity
  • Identify spare, short-term capacity across business functions
  • Quantify the volume of work
  • Gain real-time visibility into outstanding work
  • Clear backlogs and meet SLAs
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A Team of Teams

The organization now has a tangible skills matrix in place to aid skills utilization, resulting in more effective multi-skilling across sites according to business needs.

The energy company is now able to share resources across functions more effectively, completing work much quicker than before. For example, in one department, work is being completed in a record-breaking time of 2.1 days versus the previous four days.

Investing in training and coaching team managers resulted in consistency in the management of work, resources, and performance across the business.

The framework promotes improved communication, enabling staff and managers to fully understand the wider context of what they were doing. In turn, the business has seen a shift from a ”siloed” workforce to a ”team of teams.”

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Increased Productivity and Reduced Overtime

The energy company’s target was to increase productivity by 20 percent while maintaining the same workloads and resources. The actual benefit realized was 30 percent improvement in productivity, while also reducing overtime.

The visibility into workload and activity status not only helped the company improve operational efficiency, but customer experience as well. Because requests in the back office are completed faster, front-line agents are now able to answer customer status enquiries in a timelier manner.

In addition, increased productivity enabled staff to focus on other customer improvement initiatives.

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