Verint Speakers in November: Gaining Business Value from AI and Boosting Loyalty Through Better CX

Susanne PittsNovember 2, 2022

Connected Claims USA – Hosted by Reuters, The World’s Largest Claims Event

November 2-4; Chicago, Illinois

Join Verint’s Nicole Nevulis, Global Senior Director, Go-To-Market Strategy, on November 2 at 3 p.m. local time for the “Advanced Tools & Data Sources Altering Claims Operations” panel along with Aaron Wheaton, SVP & Head of Claims, Clearcover and Nathan Lundqvist, SVP Claims, Protective Insurance. Reputation and retention are true markers of claims excellence. Customers are asking for a quick, simple process, handled with empathy and efficiency. The tools to provide this exist already, but now it’s about implementation and delivery. This panel will discuss the needs around sharing automation focusing on improving orchestration and management of claims-oriented resources, as well as humanizing the use of technology to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness in order to exponentially boost the available capacity in claims operations.

Achieve Integrated CX from Digital and In-Location Feedback with Experience Management 

November 2; Verint Webinar 

Join Verint’s Kyle Kovacs, Manager, XM Solution Consulting, and Avanti Joglekar, Senior Content Marketing Manager for “Achieve Integrated CX from Digital and In-Location Feedback with Experience Management” at 11 a.m. ET. Many organizations rely on surveys to measure customer experience (CX), but they’re just one piece of the CX puzzle. Today’s customers are digitally savvy and channel-agnostic, leveraging a growing number of digital and in-location channels with every interaction they have with your brand. With increasingly complex customer journeys, you need a 360-degree view of your customer experience, for both buyers and non-buyers. Join this session to see Verint Experience Management (XM) solution in action and uncover how it can help you integrate feedback and experience insights across digital and in-location channels for a holistic view of your CX.

CrmXchange Best Practices in WFO Virtual Conference – Workforce & Performance Management Jeopardy Roundtable

November 2; CrmXchange webinar

Join Verint’s Trudy Cannon, Director, Go-To-Market Strategy, Workforce Engagement Management, for “Game Time! Learn Best Practices, Win Prizes, Play Jeopardy” at 2 p.m. ET. Hear best practices in workforce optimization and learn about the conference sponsors through a unique WFM Jeopardy game that will quiz contestants with questions around Forecasting & Staffing, Scheduling Practices, Service Statistics, WFM Potpourri, with bonus Technology Tips!

IoT and AI Summit Austin

November 2-3; Austin, Texas

Verint’s Brian Yang, Director, Product Management, a product expert in the Conversational AI space, shares his experiences and observations about the Conversational AI market based on his experiences as a buyer, startup provider, and large tech provider. The future of Conversational AI will be all about deriving true business value and providing proper tools that will enable the technology in practical ways within businesses as expert availability grows. Brian will be speaking on two topics:

“Demystifying How to Derive ROI with Conversational AI” at 3:05 local time will cover:

  • The trends and challenges that are shaping the Conversational AI market
  • What pro/low/no-code really means and why it matters
  • How to achieve AI driven automation for your business

Brian will also speak on “AI Technologies: Scaling AI” in a panel called “Navigating Commercial Needs with Responsible AI in Mind” at 12:55 local time addressing such topics as:

  • What are the considerations and best practices and what use cases do we have across industries?
  • Dispelling AI myths and building trust in your teams and customers
  • Can we ethically monetize enterprise data assets?

In addition, Verint’s Nick Genatone will speak on “AI Technologies: POC to Production” in a panel called “Overcoming Barriers in AI Implementation” at 12:50 p.m. local time. ​

  • How do we communicate the value of projects to business teams and decision makers?
  • How can we work best with our internal teams to make our business AI ready?
  • How can we build trust in new processes and AI from the outset and ensure we’re operating with AI ethics in mind?

KM World

November 7 – 10; Washington, DC

Join Verint’s John Chmaj, Senior Director, KM Strategy, and Timothy Boettcher, SVP, Head, AvePoint EduTech, North America ​for “Industry Leaders Share KM Insights” at 4 p.m. ET. As enterprises embrace hybrid and remote working environments, many organizations are looking to improve the way they deliver learning and development activities to their staff in engaging, interactive, and collaborative ways. Keeping in mind the advancements in AI, automation, and the demand for digital-first services, Chmaj shares emerging strategies and best practices for developing holistic, standard knowledge development approaches that can be tailored to fully leverage knowledge. Boettcher shares a number of scenarios for collaborative learning communities with Microsoft Teams, building communities of practice, peer-based management training, and more. ​

CrmXchange Best Practices in WFO Virtual Conference – QA & Analytics Webinar

November 8; CrmXchange Webinar

Join Verint’s Roni Ravuna, Director, Speech, Text and Real Time Analytics, and Tricia Manning, Director, Go to Market Strategy, Workforce Engagement for “Case Studies: How DenizBank and Florius Create Superior Agents, Boost Improvements” at noon ET. Join this webinar to learn how DenizBank and Florius Mortgage Lender are using AI-driven, real-time guidance to empower agents, improve KPIs, and positively impact customer interactions in the moment. These case studies demonstrate how identifying what’s being said, how it was said, along with desktop application context generate tangible business improvements. Join this webinar, learn how Real-Time Coaching is helping customers achieve > 20% boost in customer satisfaction; 9.4% improvement in FCR; and 30% increase in quality and compliance scores.

CrmXchange Best Practices in WFO Virtual Conference – QA & Analytics Roundtable

November 9; CrmXchange Webinar

Join Verint’s Trudy Cannon, Director, Go-to-Market Strategy, Workforce Engagement Management, for “Best Practices Ideas Roundtable” at 2 p.m. ET. This is the final session of the Best Practices in Workforce Optimization Virtual Conference. Hear best practices, tips and tricks to take back to your contact center, with a focus on Interaction Analytics and Real-Time Coaching. 

Better Service at Lower Cost: How Integrating Technology Makes a Difference

November 17; CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) Webinar 

Join Verint’s Scott Montgomery, VP Public Sector – SLED (state, local and education), David Moody, VP & GM, Case Management & Citizen Engagement, and Iain Daws, Director, Content Marketing, for “Better Service at Lower Cost: How Integrating Technology Makes a Difference” at 2 p.m. ET. State and local governments deliver hundreds of services to citizens. With the ever-increasing demands, efficiency is key to delivering a high-quality service to citizens within organizational budget constraints. An integrated approach is emerging as the go-to solution for connecting departmental silos and helping the public sector make optimal use of limited resources. Join this panel for a deep dive into how an integrated approach to service delivery can transform the constituent experience.

Voice-of-the-Customer Programs Guide CX Improvement

November 30; DestinationCRM Webinar

If you want to deliver excellent customer experiences that lead to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profits, you need a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to guide your efforts. Well implemented VoC programs keep you consistently on track, producing key metrics that reveal your successes, deviations from the plan, and gaps in service that might otherwise go unnoticed. VoC feedback is crucial for the optimal alignment of customer success, operations, and product development departments. Elimination of these blind spots can also help eliminate unforced errors. Join Verint’s Aditi Mehta, Director of Go To Market Strategy, XM, and a panel of other experts at 2 p.m. ET to learn how to incorporate a voice of the customer program into your organization to align your company with the experiences you aspire to deliver.