Engage 2024: A Center of Collaboration and Innovation for Fraud and Security

Matt Tengwall June 18, 2024

What a memorable event!

Reflecting on Engage 2024, it’s clear that the conference redefined standards for collaboration and education in the fraud and security industry. Hosted in Charleston, S.C., this event from the Verint Fraud and Security Services group offered a deep dive into the future of banking security, highlighted emerging technology trends, and provided opportunities for attendees to broaden their professional networks.

Serving as a hub of collaboration, Engage brought together leading minds to forge new ideas and strategies tailored to the evolving challenges of the banking sector. The success of the conference has set a new benchmark for what focused, niche events in the industry can achieve.

Collaboration Is Crucial

This year’s Engage underscored the crucial role of collaboration in the banking sector. The discussions focused on effective ways for banks to enhance teamwork, streamline data sharing, and establish stronger alliances with law enforcement.

The overarching message emphasized the importance of collective efforts in tackling issues such as check fraud, ATM vandalism, and active shooter scenarios. It’s vital for banks to collaborate not only with local law enforcement but also with other banks in their region to share information and jointly develop best practices for risk and fraud mitigation.

The value of public-private partnerships is growing daily, with an emphasis on driving greater awareness and adopting more proactive safety and security measures.

Industry collaboration is also essential. Banks benefit significantly from sharing insights on risks affecting the sector. Internal collaboration within banks is equally important, engaging with various departments and leadership to underscore the value of security measures is key to fostering a robust security culture within organizations.

Lessons Learned

We were fortunate to host numerous distinguished speakers at the conference, including Robert Kalamara, Fairfield, Connecticut Chief of Police. He offered valuable perspectives on community policing, emphasizing the conference’s dedication to strengthening community bonds through enhanced security strategies.

Participants learned effective approaches to foster unity, security, and trust among law enforcement, residents, and businesses, reinforcing the event’s commitment to deepening community connections via strategic security efforts.

The session on addressing active shooters brought together experts who discussed strategies to mitigate risks associated with active shooter scenarios and emphasized the importance of training and proper structural support for employees to effectively respond to such crises.

The discussion focused on fraud was particularly compelling. Our panel of experts offered crucial insights into the prevalent fraud threats—which are evolving daily and are increasingly sophisticated and inventive—and effective strategies to counteract these schemes, providing a comprehensive overview for security leaders.

The conference also focused on the future with the session on the integral role of security in financial institutions, which delved into the complex future of banking security. Specifically, preparatory measures on how to address forthcoming challenges and ensure robust security frameworks in financial institutions were explored.

A Showcase of Innovation

The PMG Roadshow provided a hands-on experience with Verint technologies, allowing attendees to directly engage with our latest products and preview upcoming innovations. While AI and cloud technologies remain central, the strong interest in hardware solutions underscores the ongoing digital transformation journey in banking.

Verint is dedicated to meeting the diverse requirements of our customers by offering both on-premises and cloud-based solutions, ensuring that our products align seamlessly with varied business strategies. 

We extend our thanks to our sponsors—Oncam, Securitas, ADI, Wittenbach, Lantonrix, Seagate, Convergint, and Parabit—for their ongoing support. Their participation allowed attendees to experience the cutting-edge capabilities of their respective technologies firsthand.

Each of these companies enhances and complements Verint’s mission to develop comprehensive security solutions in the banking sector, and their contributions were indispensable to the enrichment of our event.

The Future Is Near

We are eagerly anticipating Engage 2025. As we begin planning for the upcoming year, we are committed to upholding our high standards by providing an even richer array of content and experiences. Our conference is designed with our customers at the forefront, driven by our mission to innovate and inspire.

We’re excited about the future and the integral role our fraud and security customers will play in it.