Unify Your CX Data and Drive Action Across the Organization

Customer journeys are no longer linear, and the pandemic has only made this journey even more circuitous. Customers interact with organizations like yours through an ever-growing number of channels. Making sense of all of this can certainly be a challenge. How can you follow all of these journeys as they travel throughout your organization?

What’s needed is a standardized approach to data integration, analysis, and visualization — an approach that allows senior executives to use the large volumes of the data being generated to improve the quality of customer interactions across all of channels. You need the big picture – not bits and pieces of lots of things. And you need the structure and clarity to enable strategic and operational decisions across departments.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • The value of moving “beyond the survey” — adding indirect or inferred experience data to flesh out the customer experience across the organization
  • Using real-time access and alerting to access to data when and where you need it
  • How AI powered automation can help create great customer experiences
  • How to drive action at all levels of the organization

We’ll also take you on a journey as we follow a customer who’s trying to apply for a mortgage. You’ll see how a frustrating, broken process can be fixed by unifying CX data — breaking down silos of information — and using the Verint Experience Management platform to share pertinent data with all relevant stakeholders.

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