Research Report

The Verint Guide to Customer Engagement in the Retail Industry

This research report analyzes rising inflation’s effects on consumers’ concerns and spending habits, detailing how retailers can adapt to ensure they’re delivering superior customer experiences.

Inflation is rising, forcing consumers to make choices on where to cut back their spending. It’s the major issue currently affecting retailers as they battle to maintain their share of a shrinking wallet.

Learn how to retain loyal customers through hybrid engagement strategies coupled with modern working practices, ensuring your entire workforce engages with customers in the right way, at the right time.

Throughout the research report, we analyze how retailers can measure and act on customer feedback, break down silos between customer facing teams, and execute a strategy to minimize the impact of the rising cost of living across the globe.

Download this report to learn:

  • The impact of economic concerns on consumer spending
  • Key recommendations to ensure retention of loyal customers
  • How a better-connected workforce will benefit your entire organization

Read this research report now as a first step to improving engagement with your customers.


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