A Guide to Digital-First Engagement for the Airline Industry

Among the chaos of the past 2 years, we’ve seen a huge shift in consumer preferences across every industry – digital-first engagement is being embraced. Where, how and when customers interact with friends, family and their favorite companies has changed.

In 2020, airlines were the first industry hit by strict Covid-19 measures. Flights were canceled and planes grounded, with a decline of 65% in global airline passengers that year alone.

The companies best prepared to ride out the storm were those that invested in digital customer experience. Through a combination of data capture, machine learning, and AI-fueled chatbots, these airlines streamlined critical processes and softened the landings for their customers and partners.

The Verint Guide to Digital-First Engagement for the Airline Industry will:

  • Analyze the shifts in customer habits and what they mean for your airline
  • Give you the tools to predict and tackle contact center overload with intelligent automation
  • Help create a successful digital-first engagement strategy using social messaging channels and intelligent automation

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