Harness Behavioral Data in Your Contact Center

Understanding behavioral data is critical to the success of your contact center. Every time a customer interacts with a brand, new behavioral data is created, including interaction data, experience data, and workforce performance data. This data is typically stuck in silos and inaccessible to your contact center. But this data is tremendously valuable to understand what is happening across your enterprise at a deeper level to drive outcomes for your business.

In this webinar you’ll learn how Verint can capture this behavioral data from multiple data silos across the enterprise to achieve significant ROI for your organization. With the Verint Engagement Data Hub, you can:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the behaviors of your customers, employees, and bots in real-time.
  • Continuously train Verint specialized bots for the highest accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Freely access and export behavioral data for use in your broader enterprise data strategy.

Watch now on-demand to hear these insights from our CX data experts.


David Singer

David Singer
Global Vice President, Go-to-Market Strategy
John Clark
John Clark
Vice President Go-to-Market Strategy, WFE

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