Deliver CX Automation with a New Workforce of Humans and Bots

Brands today are challenged to deliver elevated customer experiences while facing limited budgets and resources. As a result, organizations are turning to technology and automation over hiring additional employees. CX automation is the ability to use AI to reduce costs while simultaneously elevating the customer experience.

Watch this webinar to learn how Verint’s team of AI-powered bots deliver CX automation by augmenting your human workforce. This new workforce of humans and bots working together allows organizations to do more with less, so they can:
  • Create additional capacity.
  • Elevate the customer and employee experience.
  • Increase productivity and compliance.
  • Contain more requests in self-service.

Watch on-demand to hear Heather Richards & Kelly Koelliker share more details on how to get started.


Heather Richards

Heather Richards
Vice President Go-to-Market Strategy
Kelly Koelliker
Kelly Koelliker
Sr. Director, Content Marketing

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