Verint Callback

Customer Callback Software

Add the power of callbacks to your customer engagement channels to manage volume spikes, lower abandonment rates and improve the agent and customer experience.

Verint Callback delivers better CX outcomes

Improve customer experience

When your call volumes unexpectedly spike, Verint Callback maintains a quality customer experience while easing the burden on your agents. 

Reduce support costs 

By adding Callback to Verint IVA Voice, you immediately cut down on unnecessary telephony costs while also drastically lowering hold time. 

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Elevate CX And lower costs with Verint Callback

Eliminating hold time improves CX

Customers lose patience quickly when listening to hold music, resulting in a dissatisfied caller, or worse, an abandoned call. The result is a poor experience for both customers and agents. Replacing hold time with a callback improves your CX and bottom line.

Callbacks reduce volume spikes

Whether you regularly experience peak periods at your contact center or occasionally have spikes in call volume, callbacks can defer calls until volumes are more manageable.

“Smoothing out” peak periods makes more efficient use of agents’ time, improving call center productivity and reducing the need to hire additional resources. It also reduces the number of repeat callers, which further reduces spikes.

Lower abandonment rates

Lowering call abandonment rates is one of the most powerful levers available to call center managers. Why? When a caller hangs up before speaking to a customer service agent, they’re left frustrated. In other words, abandoned calls are a direct measure of customer dissatisfaction.

Reducing call abandonment is one of the major benefits of Verint Callback. When you replace long wait times with callbacks, you dramatically lower abandonment rates. The result? Happier, more loyal customers.

Connect your digital callers to Verint Voice Channel

Customers expect to communicate with you on any channel they choose. But what happens when there’s sensitive information being exchanged, or live support is needed? Sometimes a conversation needs to move to the voice channel.

Web callbacks make it easy to transition from online customer service to voice channels . All the customer needs is a link to speak with the next available agent, or schedule a conversation for a convenient time.

Deploy Verint Callback on any channel 

When Verint Callback is used by Verint IVA, you have an easy-to-deploy solution that yields instant returns. Here’s a few of the ways it delivers for contact centers and your customers: 

  • Across Channels: Deliver an exceptional customer experience by offering callbacks on any of your customers engagement channels – including digital – at any time.  
  • Flexible: Verint Callback seamlessly integrates with your existing platform. 
  • Secure: We ensure a secure experience that keeps customer data safe. 
  • Customer Portal: You can self-manage all aspects of your experience in one easy-to-use environment.  
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Elevate caller experience with scheduled callbacks and web callbacks

Scheduled Callbacks: Allow customers to request a callback at a convenient time, up to 15 days in advance, eliminating wait times and ensuring personalized assistance. Whether it’s managing peak call volumes or providing 24/7 support, our scheduled callback feature empowers your contact center to deliver exceptional service

Web Callbacks: Offer customized callbacks to users on phone, web, and mobile during business hours, or even after hours. Provide callbacks on any screen size— desktop, tablet, or mobile—and use real-time insights to get updates on the status of your callbacks, ensuring users are aware of their progress in the queue.

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Deliver personalized, self-service customer experiences with Verint IVA Voice

Every inquiry to your contact center costs money. Verint IVA Voice reduces the number of incoming calls into your contact center and interactions handled or escalated to agents by providing AI-powered self-service over telephony and voice-enabled channels. 

With Verint IVA Voice companies can:  

  • Resolve issues vs deflect them: Give customers the ability to self-serve and solve problems 24/7, without needing to speak to an agent for better containment.  
  • Drive seamless agent handoff: When a customer needs a human agent, Verint IVA gathers interaction context and routes the issue, so the customer doesn’t need to repeat themselves. 
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