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Video Surveillance and Recording

Security and fraud prevention is complex for banks, which operate wide networks of branches and standalone ATM kiosks. Retailers are faced with many of the same formidable challenges, such as shrinkage, liability, fraud, plus the difficulty of securing vast properties and large-scale operations.

Verint's robust and powerful video surveillance EdgeVMS product line can help banks and retailers alike protect people and assets while reducing cost of operations and improving performance and customer satisfaction and engagement.



Verint EdgeVMS Op-Center

Monitor, manage and troubleshoot NVR operations from a centralized location

Verint EdgeVMS Op-Center is an enterprise network video recorder (NVR) management solution that simplifies video system administration and enables a more proactive, efficient operational performance. EdgeVMS Op-Center reduces the cost and complexity of video system management across geographically dispersed locations and mobile operations, and is ideal for use in banking, retail, public transportation, and other applications.

  • Intuitive dashboard design
  • Streamlined and remote diagnostic troubleshooting
  • Manage thousands of remote NVRs from a single site
  • Perform extensive health and status checks
  • Holistic operational views and customizable performance parameters


Verint EdgeVMS Vid-Center

Streamline complex video operations

Verint EdgeVMS Vid-Center is an enterprise network video recorder (NVR) interface that provides comprehensive intelligence and more successful investigation results. View and configure video from multiple NVRs in a variety of fixed and mobile locations, all on a single screen. Display video from any number of physical NVRs as though they were one device. Verint EdgeVMS Vid-Center is ideal for use in banking, retail, public transportation, and other applications.

  • View live and recorded video from your entire operation – fixed and mobile – on a single screen
  • Customizable viewing and performance options
  • Remote configuration options
  • Locate and retrieve video quickly and easily
  • Leverage event-related data to create more proactive performance


Verint Guard Center

Manage live video views for real-time situational awareness

Verint Guard Center enables banks to monitor corporate locations, administration properties and cash vaults in real-time on a video wall in a command-and-control environment. L everage existing Verint EdgeVR devices and empower your security personnel with immediate situational awareness and response. Specially designed for the real-time command-and-control environment, Guard Center’s user-friendly control interface facilitates replacement of traditional analog matrix solutions with minimal workforce training.

  • Monitor 96 live camera views simultaneously
  • Each monitor can display up to 16 cameras
  • Live pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control
  • Customize video display and size
  • Set automatic alerts for select events