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Enterprise Video Management Software (VMS)

Powerful Video Management Applications

Verint Enterprise Video Management Software (VMS) streamlines video security operations and helps you rapidly make sense of the vast volumes of video and data you capture.

Enterprise Video Management Software offers policy-based video distribution, networked video viewing, and investigation management to help security staff rapidly detect, act, and investigate security breaches and other threats. Automated video system health monitoring helps IT staff manage large, geographically distributed video operations and streamlines video system uptime to help ensure video availability.

Enterprise VMS enables your organization to view live and recorded video to help make decisions around security, anytime, anywhere. You can:

  • Obtain real-time situational awareness
  • Quickly distribute video to any monitoring station
  • Customize your system with permissions that ensure trusted cameras have restricted viewing
  • Flexible user-interface with up to four screens and a 256-tile display for enhanced visibility
  • Mobile and web clients applications for easy remote access and viewing
  • Export video and investigation details with law enforcement and national agencies

Flexible and Versatile Viewing Applications

Verint offers a wide range of viewing applications for our Enterprise Video Management Software, based on user requirements. From the full Enterprise VMS Review client and web-based Web Review to the Virtual Matrix and mobile applications, security functionalities are integrated into a single user interface for optimal ease of use.

This extensive selection of video management systems provides users with the choice to view video from any network deployment. Applications include:

  • Enterprise VMS Review is the full client interface that allows you to access live and recorded video, manage alarms and run investigation reports from any Verint system across the network. Users can intuitively manage resources such as cameras, monitors and digital video receivers through the Enterprise VMS Review interface.
  • Enterprise VMS Web Review allows remote investigators and first responders fast and simple web browser access to Verint VMS. Web Review offers a rich feature subset and the same look and feel as the full Review client, in a small (2.7MB) footprint for quick access even over 56k bandwidth connections. The “Zero-Install” requirement also simplifies deployment and upgrading of large, distributed user bases.
  • Mobile Video allows users to view video from any location—right in the palm of a hand. Mobile Video utilizes WiFi, 4G and 3G networks to ensure easy and immediate access to pertinent video intelligence.
  • Enterprise VMS Virtual Matrix provides effective video routing and cross-site network-based distribution of live and recorded video, audio, and alarms to video walls, analog monitors and HD monitors across dispersed environments.


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Enterprise Management and Site Administration

Enterprise Video Management Software offers a comprehensive set of applications and capabilities designed to simplify system administration and improve network operations. Enterprise VMS can help ensure the efficient operation and up-time of the system, uninterrupted access to recorded video, and the continuity of live and recorded video distribution to client applications.

Enterprise VMS is designed for deployments of virtually any size and can support virtually any number of locations. Our solutions include:

  • Enterprise VMS ControlCenter provides an easy-to-use system interface that puts control in your hands. With this one application, users can configure and manage user permissions, apply camera settings, and define recording profiles and analytics-based rules.
  • Enterprise VMS HealthCheck is an automated, system-wide health monitoring and diagnostics module that helps to ensure superior system availability. Users can access system alerts, logs, and audit trails with querying, filtering and reporting features, maintain system uptime with video retention reports and performance monitoring, and more.
  • Enterprise VMS Multisite expands your video management system to meet business needs. By linking multiple Master Servers and Master Recorders, users can simultaneously monitor any or all sites from a single session – creating a truly global network. Built-in resiliency allows continued multisite operation despite any failures at individual sites.


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Actionable Insights

Verint helps improve decision making and drive operational efficiency by providing you with the information around what’s happening in your organization. The Enterprise Video Management Software platform delivers actionable insight that transforms video into value.

Using insight from the Verint solution, you can gain greater situational awareness and generate more effective responses with these applications:

  • Enterprise VMS Investigation Management allows users to leverage powerful investigation management tools to analyze what really happened, collect the information required to substantiate their findings, and record and safeguard their case files for evidentiary purposes. Easily collect case-related audio, video, data, and other documents in case binders and export those binders into a portable format requiring only a simple Web Browser for viewing all content.
  • Enterprise VMS Event Management helps users configure single and multiple automated responses to an array of system events. Wizard-assistance allows authorized personnel to customize operations to accommodate business rules for local and remote sites. Events can be triggered by analytics rules violations, motion detection, state changes on IP camera/device inputs, camera tampering, Enterprise VMS HealthCheck, access control and custom SDK integrations.
  • Verint Video Surveillance Analytics leverages state-of-the-art video analytics technology to help protect people, property and assets. The system analyzes video based on rules to identify potential breaches.
  • Verint's Situation Management software captures information from a variety of security, safety, and building management systems, enables the fusion of the information for a user to view, correlate, and analyze the information to identify situations quickly and efficiently, and initiate and manage response to the situations in collaboration with local agencies.


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