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The Evolution to Situational Awareness

Outlining necessary infrastructure and technology to manage security operations

Verint's robust video management software helps improve operational excellence and provides automated system health monitoring and diagnostics. The system allows for live and recorded video viewing, multi-site connectivity, policy-based video distribution, efficient virtual matrix switching, versatile investigation management capabilities, as well as enterprise NVR management and viewing applications.

Verint network video recorders capture high-quality video images from analog and IP cameras, and the unified viewing software interfaces are ideal for large-scale video operations.

Verint Video Business Intelligence suite of applications ensures seamless customer interaction and operational excellence. Applications include people counting, queue monitoring, store/branch performance benchmarking, workforce and customer experience management. 

IP Cameras

Verint IP cameras combine excellent video quality with ultra-efficient bandwidth management and can accommodate virtually any video surveillance application.

Verint video encoders feature the industry’s most effective encoding and decompression technology, delivering high-definition imagery without compromising network bandwidth and storage.