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Financial Compliance Solutions

Comply with Regulations and Manage Risk

Many organizations are required to record and archive their voice interactions to ensure compliance with requirements from local and international central banks, security commissions, and government regulations.

With nearly two decades of experience as a leading provider of compliance recording, Verint offers proven, reliable software for recording, indexing, and retrieving voice communications across the enterprise, including the trading floor, branch office, and back-office operations. Our solutions help organizations comply with the Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), manage risk, and perform sales verification.

 Verint’s financial compliance portfolio includes:

  • Verint for Financial Trading — A proven, reliable system for capturing, indexing, and retrieving voice from TDM, IP and mixed telephony trading floor environments.
  • Verint PCI and Recording Encryption — This solution uses encryption to protect data when recorded, in transit, and archived. It includes a separate key management system from RSA, enabling trading rooms to store, move, and archive encrypted data while protecting it from unauthorized access.

Verint also offer Business Impact Solutions—predefined combinations of our solutions and services that address targeted business needs.